08/09/2017 05:18 am ET

David Letterman Once Gave Trump The Greatest Backhanded Apology Of All Time

“I flat-out called him a racist."

With David Letterman back in the news thanks to a new deal with Netflix, an old clip resurfaced from his “Late Show” days in which he attempted to apologize to Donald Trump

This was from 2012, when the president, then a semi-regular “Late Show” guest, was spouting disproven birther conspiracy theories about then-President Barack Obama.  

“I said on the air, ‘I think, Donald, if you’re saying these things, I think that means you might be a racist,’” Letterman said. “I flat-out called him a racist. Well, he didn’t think that was funny.” 

Letterman said Trump not only didn’t like being called racist, he also told him he wouldn’t return to the show without an apology. 

So Letterman took it back ― sort of ― with a backhanded apology he offered up in hopes of getting “big, dopey puppy Donald Trump” back on the show. 

Check it out above.

Letterman said as recently as May that he’d like to interview Trump one more time.

Now that he has a show again, that’s technically possible... but given that Letterman also called Trump a “man without a soul,” among other uncomplimentary things, that also seems pretty unlikely.