09/15/2017 01:29 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2017

'Dealt' Profiles One Of The World's Chief Card Sharks, Who Just So Happens To Be Blind

As the documentary shows, Richard Turner didn't need eyesight to find success.

“I represent why you should never play cards with strangers,” Richard Turner declares in the trailer for the new documentary “Dealt.” 

Turner is a card shark who parlayed his sleight of hand into a lucrative career, despite being blind since childhood. Lack of eyesight was never an obstacle ― if anything, it pushed him to achieve more. Turner wound up touring the country, performing for celebrities and appearing on television, never informing audiences that he couldn’t see.

HuffPost has the exclusive trailer for “Dealt,” which won a documentary prize at South by Southwest this year. Opening in select theaters and premiering on VOD platforms Oct. 20, Luke Korem’s film showcases a man who didn’t need eyesight to lead a magical life.



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