02/24/2016 09:23 am ET

Demi Lovato Inexplicably Wears A Sweater In A Bathtub For 'Stone Cold' Video

"I didn't want it to be anything close to glamorous or anywhere near 'sexy.'"

She's been "Cool for the Summer," so now it's time for Demi Lovato to go "Stone Cold," and no we're not talking about that Taylor Swift tweet

The pop star released the music video for the latest single off her 2015 album "Confident" on Tuesday night. Described as her "favorite song on the album" and "the most emotional video [she's] ever shot," "Stone Cold" is a far cry from the hair whipping, body suit-wearing Demi we've seen in the past. 

Honestly, this video is the pretty much the lovechild of "Let It Go" from "Frozen" and Rihanna's "Stay," because ya girl Demi went real literal with this one. Shots of a barren winter landscape intermixed with Lovato trying a liiiiiitle too hard to be emotional while fully clothed in a bath tub are obvious choices for a song titled "Stone Cold." That being said, the simple imagery pairs well the ultra-dramatic lyrics and Demi's undeniably powerful vocal performance. 

Before the video dropped, the singer shared a note on Instagram, revealing her vision for the music video. 

"When I shot this video, I didn't want it to be anything close to glamorous or anywhere near 'sexy,'" she wrote in the post. "I wanted it to be like nothing that I've ever put in the creative to a video I've shot. This song hurts. So unbelievably bad. And when I perform it on a tv show, in rehearsals or even in a bathtub, it completely takes me to a different place."

By a different place, she means Arendelle, right?


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