Do You Believe In Angels? How Following Our Guidance Creates Miracles

Please note: ― The photos below are in their original form. Only the size has been reduced. They have otherwise not been altered, enhanced, or filtered in any way. There is a zoomed in version below to give you a closer look.

Original "Blue Angel" photograph - May 16, 2015
Original "Blue Angel" photograph - May 16, 2015 (#NoFilter)

We are conditioned to believe that “it’s only ‘real’ if we can ‘see’ it” with our physical eyes open.

To fully illuminate how miraculous the following experience was for me, I’m going to share a brief personal piece of my past which will give you a clearer framework and some context.

I grew up skeptical, very drawn to the energetic realm, yet questioning if it was real. I doubted the existence of God ― which I was taught to believe equaled religion, and I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination.

To me God was like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, and for the longest time I just could not wrap my brain around or understand how people gave their power away to a mythical figure ― and had so much anger, and so many issues, with something/someone that was a figment of the imagination and didn’t really exist. It baffled me.

Because of this I didn’t grow up praying or talking to something outside of myself or seeking guidance from invisible spirits. Quite the contrary. Yet this belief (confusing fear-based religious ideology with spirituality, lumping them together as one and the same) is part of what held me back and limited me from experiencing some pretty amazing things in my life.

And then the unexpected happened and everything changed.

Six years ago I had a sudden and profound spiritual awakening experience that instantly and powerfully transformed the way I viewed the world. As a result, I started being flooded with magical experiences and miracles on the regular.

I started knowingly connecting with a consciousness larger than myself (The Quantum Field) and began the winding path from doubting to believing to knowing, deep in the core of my being.

And after many mystical experiences that have truly brought me to my knees, bursting open areas of my consciousness in ways I didn’t imagine were possible, I began to believe in a spiritual God, a Source Consciousness, a creative intelligence pervasive in all things, that even though I couldn’t quite make sense of, I could actually feel and know. My whole world began to open, and the miraculous continued manifesting itself in my life in truly extraordinary ways. Since then, I’ve been on a quickly unfolding, epic, and mind blowing, spiritual awakening path that leaves me stunned, amazed, and deeply humbled, often on a daily basis now. And while I’m still not religious, my belief in a spiritual God/Source becomes stronger every day, as I feel and personally experience a life filled with the extraordinary.

The following is a true story of how I came to take the most amazing photograph, beyond what I ever imagined possible.

The Miraculous iPhone’s NDE

The quick 411 back story on the iPhone that took this photo.

This photo was taken on May 16, 2015 in Marin County California with my iPhone 4s, who years prior had a close brush with the other side, a near death experience (NDE), when I accidentally dropped the phone in the sink while doing dishes, and briefly submerged it in soapy water.

While I remained calm, my first thought was “well there goes $500”, which was motivation enough to prompt my second thought, which was to soak it in tiny red lentils, because I didn’t have any rice on hand.

And after completely flatlining, then coming back to life, my traumatized little iPhone remained on the razors edge of total collapse for several hours ― the sputtering noises its speakers made were those of a sad, certain, imminent impending doom, of short circuiting technology taking it’s final and ultimate, last gasping breaths of air ― when it suddenly and miraculously sprung back to life 100% without another glitch and years later remains in perfect health and is fully functional.

How did I come to take a photo of this blue angelic light?

Although I grew up questioning the existence of “God”, even as a child, I was highly intuitive and creative, always drawn to the world of imagination, myths, dreams, symbols and magical creations; I always had a resonance and interest in the energetic and mystical nature of the world.

However, even after having experienced many incredible miracles in my life already, that were well beyond ‘normal’ explanation, I still had a large seed of doubt in my mind (aka: atheist programming) that was blocking me from fully connecting with a higher realm of consciousness.

After two decades of chronic illness I found myself on an unexpected spiritual path seeking healing, for what the traditional medical model could not only not help me with, but was actually even making worse. So even though I was barely even spiritual at the time, I started talking to the Universe and asking Source for help. And my life started to change.

Fast forward to last year when I was invited to a small local gathering at a woman’s home for a spiritual process/event where you spend about four hours in complete silence, deep prayer and contemplation, connecting with the Divine (aka: Source Energy) and requesting blessings and healing around whatever you choose to ask for. I went to the event with a specific intention. I wanted to heal from the nightmare of health issues I had dealt with for so long, and in the process, to experience a fuller connection with Source energy ― I wanted to actually ‘see’ the spiritual realm that at the time was completely invisible to me. I wanted to truly believe/know, which at that time meant seeing it with my physical eyes.

So I clearly asked for:

“Angels, Archangels, Guides and Ascended Masters to connect and show themselves to me, to support my healing process and to help open my heart to love.”

I was very specific around my request to ‘see’ them as I usually receive intuitive information, messages and guidance through hearing, sensing/feeling, and knowing. And for me ‘seeing’ has always helped open the door to belief, as when I see something it tends to feel/be more solid and ‘real’ to me. (Perhaps you can relate?)

During the afternoon process I silently contemplated and connected with some beautiful grace filled energy; it was a powerful process and I received many inspiring downloads of information throughout the day about my healing journey and my path forward.

At one point near the end I could feel/sense a team of angels enter my space, and although the visual wasn’t super clear, I had a knowing I’d just received an amazing gift.

As I lay there receiving this energy blessing, with a large joyful smile spreading over my face, I experienced an electric blue light washing over me (whose energy frequency was truly lovely) awakening something that had been asleep within me.

The entire event was a warm and magical experience, in which I felt completely held by angels and divinely loved by Source; I could feel the whispers of healing taking place on a deep cellular level. I left feeling a transformation in progress, a deep sense of gratitude and a shift unfolding.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

After the process I was drawn to take a walk in my favorite woods close by, and as I was soaking up the gorgeousness of the nature all around me, expressing my gratitude and practicing loving my own heart, I very clearly heard these words of guidance:

“Stop and take a picture of the light”

Original "Blue Angel" photograph - May 16, 2015 
Original "Blue Angel" photograph - May 16, 2015 (#NoFilter)
Original "Blue Angel" photo #2 - May 16, 2015
Original "Blue Angel" photo #2 - May 16, 2015 (#NoFilter)

So I did. And after pointing my phone at the light and quickly snapping two photos in a row, I stopped to look at my camera. What I saw left me stunned and practically speechless, in total awe of what I was seeing with my actual eyes. Both photos showed this same image (having two of them helped my doubting mind), and all I could say was “WOW”… and “Thank You!” over and over again.

Original Blue Angel photograph - zoomed in (May 16, 2015)
Original Blue Angel photograph - zoomed in (May 16, 2015) (#NoFilter)

This experience set in motion a process of miracles, deeper awakening and profound healing, through all levels and layers of my life. It became very clear that this photo was not just for me.

Later that day I was guided to share these photos publicly...

At this point listening to the clear guidance I was receiving, and taking the inspired action to help bring it into form, was pretty much a given. After sharing these photos both on social media and privately with certain people in my life, I’ve witnessed a range of reactions from “What?!!!” to “OMG amazing!!!”, to “This is totally freaking me out, but I can’t look away, and thank you so much for sharing this with me” to “Is this for ‘real’?” to “it’s just a lens flare”.

Over time, as I’ve continued to share this with people, many of them feel a deep soul resonance and burst into tears on the spot, as a piece of their disbelief gets shattered and the veil covering the invisible realm suddenly becomes much thinner to them.

As if this wasn’t stunning enough, something even more incredible happened...

Nine months later, the “Blue Angel” of light started showing up again daily in my photos, along with a beautiful violet colored light, that reminded me of a violet flame. And over the past 6 months I’ve now taken thousands of pictures like this with a whole spectrum of different colored light frequencies. Every time the awe and energy transmission I receive and experience, is simply beyond what I can portray in words.

Blue Angel Magnolia Tree -  2/24/16
Blue Angel Magnolia Tree - 2/24/16 (#NoFilter)
Violet Flame Magnolia Tree - 2/24/16
Violet Flame Magnolia Tree - 2/24/16 (#NoFilter)
Violet Flame Magnolia Tree -2/24/16
Violet Flame Magnolia Tree -2/24/16 (#NoFilter)

What the Violet Flame and Blue Angelic lights have come to represent for me...

I see these as light frequencies, expressing into form, which hold space for and illustrate how:

{1} Source Consciousness is everywhere and in everything.

{2} Light is a frequency vibration that can, and does, manifest in a variety of shapes and forms.

{3} Our minds seek to wrap themselves around and logically understand what we already know and can make rational sense of ― based on our deeply ingrained conditioning, our programming and our past experiences, all informing our belief systems and influencing what we notice around us. We tend to keep looking for what we already know, as proof, and doubting or discounting things we believe and/or perceive as being “beyond” the scope of what is “really” possible.

{4} Our limiting belief systems can keep us blocked and locked away from experiencing the most beautiful high frequency alchemical light that will make the magical real in our lives, when we can simply allow it in as even a remote possibility.

{5} Miracles show up in many forms. The more we allow the miraculous into our lives as both “possible” and “real”, the more miracles appear and show themselves to us. Once we have a reference for something, we are forever expanded ― a door is opened to greater possibilities.

Opening our minds, opening our hearts, opening ourselves to the possibility that what we consider ‘the impossible’ or ‘the magical’ can indeed be very real, is deeply powerful and richly transformative, often filled with beautiful healing miracles.

The list of miracles that have shown up in my life (and continue to) after taking the original two photos is extensive and could fill a book ― which I am currently writing, about my personal healing story of spiritual awakening, this incredible journey, that I have come to call, The Alchemy of Awakening.

It is my personal view that these photos are here to help humanity expand our belief systems around the invisible realm of energy frequency, to awaken and expand our consciousness, and to invite miracles in, allowing an infinite spectrum of possibilities to show up, in often mysterious and unexpected ways.

Whatever you choose to believe, whatever meaning you ascribe to these photos, is absolutely perfect and I honor each person’s personal experience and ‘explanation’ of how you view this beautiful light frequency, at this point on your own journey. Thank you for being a part of my journey and my path of awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.

- Diana Rose Kottle Diana Rose Kottle is a Consciousness Architect + Soul Alchemist + Creative Visionary. You can learn more about her here.

Update: You can now view the latest collections of photos!


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