Donald Trump Has A Secret

Photo by Andy Katz via iStock by Getty Images

Donald Trump has a secret that has nothing to do with politics and it's why some people love him. And after you learn what it is, you might be surprised to find yourself putting his secret into practice.

So, why do some people love Donald Trump and what can you learn from him?


Donald Trump is 100% in his own lane.

He has the courage to speak his mind. And rightly or wrongly, he says what some people are thinking, he does not back down, and he is nothing like the other candidates he is up against. That's what makes some people love him, and others...not so much.

Trump's difference is his appeal.

He says what his supporters might be afraid to say themselves, he publicly gives voice to their unspoken thoughts, and that makes him relatable to the people who agree with him.

He is not afraid of conflict. In fact, he actively engages in it and takes on anyone who challenges him with great zeal, to the point of what some perceive as personal attacks both face-to-face and online. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks, he has no inclination to be anything but himself, and he is totally committed to that style of leadership.

Let me make this absolutely clear - this is not about his politics - it's about being true to who you really are, no matter what.

There is something valuable to take away from his total dedication to his leadership style...

It's his disruptive difference that is making him a winner.

What about you? Think about your own leadership style in your business and ask yourself these six questions:

  1. Have you fallen into the trap of trying to run your business the way you see other people running their businesses?

  • Do you compare yourself to other business owners and try to be like them?
  • Do you say what's on your mind or do you keep quiet?
  • Do you back down at the first sign of a challenge or are you all in?
  • When someone criticizes you, do you take it personally or do you keep focused on your main goal?
  • Are you investing your own money into your cause or are you looking for others to help you out for free?
  • It can be easier to blend into the crowd instead of standing out and celebrating your difference. Easier...but nowhere near as rewarding!

    Too many business owners play it safe. They worry about what other people think and this holds them back from attaining the real success they want. They don't demonstrate the amount of passion, focus and drive it takes to win.

    Love him or hate him - agree with his politics or not - Trump is disruptive and that is part of the reason why he is winning. If you want to win, consider how you can be disruptive and stand out in your own market.

    Being disruptive does not have to mean being bad or volatile so don't mistake what you dislike about Trump for a dislike of being disruptive.

    Look at how he is disruptive and ask yourself, where am I holding back? What can I do to be more in alignment with my values and how I want to do business? Success leaves clues, and you can model some of the habits of successful people while still celebrating your differences.

    Let your uniqueness be your strength in your business.

    Trump is winning and he is winning by a large margin. When people are looking for change, whether in politics or in business, they're looking for a leader who isn't afraid to do things their own way. That is Donald Trump's secret.

    The question is do you have the courage to be that leader in your business?