Donald Trump’s Son Is Giddy Over Rachel Maddow Airing His Dad’s Tax Return

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted up a storm with the hashtag, #thankyoumaddow.

Donald Trump Jr. suggested he was going to sleep well on Tuesday night after firing off a series of tweets thanking MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for airing a portion of his father’s 2005 federal tax return

Maddow teased earlier Tuesday that her show planned to reveal a portion of President Donald Trump’s tax return. The obtained documents indicate that Trump made $150 million in 2005 and paid $38 million in taxes.

Trump broke with tradition and refused to release his tax returns during the presidential election campaign.

After a lengthy introduction, Maddow had Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston on to discuss the documents. Johnston, who has reported on Trump for decades, said he had received the documents unsolicited in the mail. He even suggested the president himself might have leaked the documents, though offered no evidence.

The White House said it was “totally llegal” to publish Trump’s tax return ― though The Washington Post noted the First Amendment likely protects such an action.

But Trump’s eldest child seemed to delight in Maddow’s audience learning about his father’s wealth and tax return. Donald Trump Jr. also tweeted that it was “simply awesome” to watch “the mainstream media aka #fakenews implode.”

He added in an instagram post, “While they will do absolutely anything to take him down they always seem to make him look better as a byproduct of their biased and seemingly anti-American hatred. #fakenews.”

Take a look at the tweets below.



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