01/14/2017 10:50 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2017

Artist Turns Donald Trump’s Most Controversial Quotes Into Comic Book Covers

"Trump had said so many outrageous things during his campaign that I wanted to catalogue them."

An artist is giving President-elect Donald Trump’s most outrageous comments the comic book treatment.

Cartoonist Robert Sikoryak is transforming several of the controversial and offensive statements that Trump made during the presidential election campaign into eye-catching and thought-provoking illustrations.

“The idea occurred to me right before the election,” the New York City-based artist told The Huffington Post on Saturday.  Trump had said so many outrageous things during his campaign that I wanted to catalogue them.”

“It was important to me to only use Trump’s actual quotes, I didn’t want to put any words in his mouth,” he added. “Once Trump became the president-elect, I felt I had to do it.”

Sikoryak’s work has previously appeared on the cover pages of The New Yorker magazine and the Harvard Business Review. He has also transformed Apple’s iTunes terms of service into comic parodies.

For this project, titled “The Unquotable Trump,” he has compiled the images into a mini-comic. He’s also posting them on a dedicated Tumblr page.

“The reaction has been very enthusiastic, much more so than I expected,” Sikoryak told HuffPost. “I needed to get these comics out of my system, so it’s gratifying that other people have been enjoying them.”

Check out more of his Trump-themed comic book covers below and see his other work via his website, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.