08/07/2015 03:57 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2015

Wow. Seriously, Donald Trump Won The GOP Debate.

Maybe it's time to stock up on canned food and ammunition.
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So that happened. On this week’s podcast, we cover the wild wonders of the first Republican Presidential debates. We hate to say it, but Donald Trump won. Carly Fiorina also won, because there were actually two debates. Everyone else landed somewhere between meh and oops-I-lost-my-donors. We'll explain it all.

Listen to this week's "So, That Happened" podcast below:



Join host Zach Carter and HuffPost stalwarts Nick Baumann, Marina Fang, Paige Lavender, Dan Marans, Shahien Nasiripour, Jessica Schulberg, Ali Watkins  and Lauren Weber as they offer the definitive global analysis of the debate's key moments, including:

Trump's *best* debate answer.

Trump's *worst* debate answer.

Marco Rubio's awkward relationship with the truth.

Dick Cheney's continued dominance over the Republican Party.

Jeb Bush ... hmm? What? That guy knows somebody famous, right?


This podcast was produced and edited by Adriana Usero and engineered by Brad Shannon, with assistance from Christine Conetta .

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