Education: A Love Story

My son Soborno Isaac Bari, known as the “four-year-old Einstein” has become a celebrated youngster in the US. I’m so proud of Isaac, who has won the hearts and minds of many American academics, for example, Lehman College President Ricardo Fernandez. Last night something strange happened with Isaac, at around 2 a.m.

<a href="" target="_blank">Isaac</a> constructs an&nbsp;electric ci
Isaac constructs an electric circuit using lemons to light up bulbs for the President.

Isaac was sleeping with my wife and me. A noise woke me, and I discovered Isaac was missing from the bed. I was not scared, because Isaac occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night; I have found him solving math problems with Albert, his brother. But this time, the sound from the bedroom was not the squeak of chalk on the blackboard, nor the voice of Albert, my elder son. I got up, and I saw something unexpected. Isaac was re-watching his recent interview with President Fernandez and talking to himself. Quietly, I started writing what Isaac was saying.

“Dear President Fernandez (said Isaac),

I have learned from my dad that you have been the president of Lehman College since 1990, making you the longest-serving among CUNY’s 24 current presidents. My mother told me you made my father famous when you put his picture on the banner in front of the college library. My brother told me you earned your Ph.D. from Princeton University, which happens to be my number-one dream school.

President Lisa Coico told me that you have brought many world leaders to Lehman College, including President Obama and UN Secretary (-General) Ban Ki Moon—making the college a center for global influence. Dr. Daniel Kabat told me that you made Lehman College an educational excellence, and helped many immigrants make their American dream come true. (Lehman College) Vice President Jerald Posman told me you gave a gold medal to Dr. Muhammad Yunus, one of my father’s mentors. And Dr. Brian Murphy told me that you made Lehman a cultural beacon for the Bronx—a way to improve the community by creating avenues to education. 

Vice President Jose&nbsp;Magdaleno and Isaac's family members listen to his conversation with President Fernandez.
Vice President Jose Magdaleno and Isaac's family members listen to his conversation with President Fernandez.

You became my hero even before July 12, 2016, when we met for the first time.

This is why it was the greatest day of my life for many reasons, but I’ll mention seven: When I couldn’t reach the other side of the whiteboard, you held me, much the same way (as) my dad; During the middle of interview, you realized I was thirsty, and offered me apple juice like my mother; When I lost focus, you motivated me, like Albert, my brother; When I was making mistakes, you helped me make my lemon battery, much the same way as Dr. Daniel Kabat; I became very nervous when I saw people from BronxNet videotaping our interview with their huge cameras. Like Vice President Jerald Posman, you helped me overcome my initial nervousness by playing with me before the interview; Every time I finished solving problems, you would erase my board like Dr. Brian Murphy; President Lisa Coico (of City College of New York) told me that there is nothing more important than a book, and you gave me the most important book I can imagine.

You made me ambitious, but more than that, you made me hopeful in the American dream. My dream is to get into an Ivy League school like Princeton University—your alma mater—at the age of ten. Let me explain:

I love math and science due to my affection for many scientists, including Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. In fact, my dream is to earn my second doctorate in math from Cambridge University, due to my love for the father of physics. My affection for Einstein is even deeper, so much so that it led me to visit his home in Princeton, New Jersey, numerous times. Every time I visit Princeton, I remember you, so maybe one day you can tell me how you succeeded in a top university like Princeton, so I can use it when I get there.This is why I decided to pursue my first doctorate degree in physics from Princeton, where you have earned your Ph.D. I also want to earn two more doctorates, one in chemistry (due to my affection for the periodic table) from Harvard and the other in computer science from New York University (my Dad’s alma mater), because I want to learn how to create better physics simulations that demonstrate physical phenomena. I want to earn four doctorates because, by the age of 40, I want to solve four problems, including string theory, dark matter, quantum computing and making fusion a reality.

From age 40 to my final days, I will work toward achieving what you did as a Lehman president for 26 years: ensuring that all the disadvantaged have access to quality secular education. Recently, I’m planning to make a swift transition from the baby SAT (a mock version of the SAT that my father created to help Albert for the real SAT, which he used to take when he was my age) to the real SAT. I’m taking preparation to take the SAT on December 3, 2016. I know my dream will come true, because the author of my dream is President Ricardo Fernandez. Yours, Isaac”

Isaac stopped talking and kissed the projection of President Fernandez on the wall. I broke the silence.

“What are you doing, Isaac?”

“I wanted to write a letter to President Fernandez,” Isaac said. “But what are you doing, Dad?”

“I wrote every single word that you said as you were watching your interview with President Fernandez, and I want to say that I’m very proud of you.”

Isaac then asked me if we could go to the post office. I was shocked!

“Why would you want to go to the post office at 3:00 a.m.?”

“Because I want to send the letter to President Fernandez!” Isaac said.

When I informed Isaac that the post office was closed at 3:00 a.m., he looked sad. I decided to honor the emotions of this four-year-old child, by taking him to the FedEx office, at 3:00 a.m.

There is a 24-hour FedEx office in Manhattan on West 40th Street. While I was giving the letter to the FedEx clerk, Isaac asked, “When is the president going to receive my letter?”

President Fernandez explains to media why&nbsp;he is taking&nbsp;the interview of four-year-old Isaac.
President Fernandez explains to media why he is taking the interview of four-year-old Isaac.

“Two or three days,” the FedEx guy responded.

Isaac looked defeated.

“How can we make sure he gets it in the morning?”

The FedEx guy looked at Isaac and said, “It’s almost morning. Why don’t you go to Lehman College and give it to him yourself?”

We did.

As soon as we arrived at the Lehman College campus, Isaac ran towards the president’s office, even after I shouted to him to stop. 

Once again, I decided to honor the emotions of this four-year-old child. I looked at the sky, and said, “God, please help him find his path to the president.”

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