02/11/2016 12:29 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2016

This Is How Boomers Can Age Successfully, According To The Experts

Health and public policy experts discuss the aging workforce and what it means for you.

The "Year of the Boomer" was 2014 -- when the last of the generation celebrated their 50th birthday. In fact, the population is aging to such an extent that the U.S. Census Bureau expects the number of people over 65 to nearly double to over 83 million by 2050. 

To put it in perspective, that's around 10,000 people reaching retirement age every single day. That could mean a brain drain for companies losing experienced employees, and another drain on both Social Security and Medicare. 

How can the nation address the aging of the population and tackle the challenges this brings about for public health? Watch below as experts on public policy, health and aging gather to discuss the aging workforce in a forum hosted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in collaboration with The Huffington Post. 

The forum, moderated by NPR correspondent Chris Arnold, discussed the challenges faced by the work force as well as how the aging population can grow older while staying healthy, active and involved. 

Head over to The Forum at Harvard T. H. Chan's School of Public Health to learn more.

This panel is a presentation of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in collaboration with The Huffington Post.

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