Facebook Live, Bots and Obama Calls Out Cable! (HackingTV)

Quick before the bots take over the podcast... Facebook takes over everything... Obama calls out cable... Hollywood's new new video idea.

  1. At its F8 conference, Facebook announced a 10-year plan in which we will do business by chatting with artificially intelligent bots. We will use all the time this saves us to watch live video on Facebook's apps. Steve geeks out on the new live streaming technology Facebook announced.

  • Working the end of his eight-year plan, President Obama is getting around to fixing your cable bill. He is backing the FCC's proposal to let you buy a set top box rather than being forced to rent the cable company's clunker. We look at why the industry is so opposed to Internet-based boxes even as companies like Verizon and Dish are building exactly the sort of device the FCC imagines.
  • A small deal that may show a big trend. Last week we noted the problems with the way that Hollywood has tried to get involved with web video. Several studios and moguls have backed companies called multi-channel networks that represent a bunch of YouTube creators. This week one of those MCN's announced a much more straightforward deal: It is producing a 10-part series for Hulu, just like studios have long done for TV networks.