09/14/2015 03:30 pm ET

Tailgating Recipes That Are The Real MVPs

Your wings just got a touchdown.

Football season? More like hot wings season.

This fall is the perfect time to flex your snack and appetizer preparation skills. According to Pinterest, foods like pizza pinwheels and cheese and ham rolls are suddently super popular -- so trendy that "party roll" snacks have been pinned 260 percent more often since summer. Meanwhile, cheese and veggie plates have decreased in popularity.

Whether it's the cheesy dip you've been waiting to get into your mouth or the surprisingly mouthwatering vegan sliders, you'll be a winner with finger foods -- even if your team loses. 

Take a look at the tailgating recipes that'll turn your football-watching parties up to 100 -- 100 yards, that is. And if you need more inspiration, check out Pinterest's board for fantastic snack ideas.

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