Manchester bomber was motivated to commit terrorism by hate preachers, not religion

05/28/2017 02:46 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2017
edward musiak

The anti-Islam bandwagon has resurfaced led by bigoted commentators and a whole host of Islamophobes on social media. They reaffirm false ideologies spouted by Muslim radicals like killing innocents will take you to Heaven. It won’t.

Calling yourself a Muslim doesn’t itself make you worthy of paradise according to the Qur’an.

Neither does killing people. Afterall, it was the Prophet Muhammad who said ‘a Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue people are safe.’

The opportunists Daesh claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack which should immediately tell you how anti-Islamic this wicked deed was. Muslims the world over have long disassociated themselves from the terrorist organisation which doesn’t even possess a copy of the Muslim holy book.

It isn’t easy to be a proper Muslim. It requires a disciplined, clean and unsullied life. A far cry from extremists who commits acts of terror. They rarely pray or attend the Mosque, they take intoxicants and are often involved in petty crime. They are the dregs of humanity even before they perpetrate their crimes in the name of Islam. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the bio of the no-doubt crazed Manchester bomber.

It’s easy for hate-preachers to prey on the vulnerable who know little or nothing about their faith and are already beset with unscrupulous behaviour. Extremists will use whatever ideology they can to influence the impressionable to further their own motives.

The bomber wasn’t inspired by any Islamic principle, only by hate and divisive evil.

For ISIS, it’s a geo-political war against the west. For extremists like Pamella Geller, Tommy Robinson and Anjum Choudhry, it’s a bit of fame, money and publicity for their narcissistic selves. All of them share the same ideology - that of hate.

All these opportunists want to make it about themselves rather than about the victims.

They will quote verses and justify their radical views with nothing but conveniently cherry-picked texts.

There are no violent, extremist or provocative verses, only distorted, misquoted and purposely misinterpreted ones.

Islam doesn’t permit violence against anyone, let alone innocent children and civilians. It teaches unity despite diversity and peace even toward those who wish you ill. It permits self-defence only when no other option is left to you. And it teaches respect for even those you disagree with. It’s the reason Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stood up for a Jewish funeral procession, allowed Christians to pray in his Mosque and told his followers to respond to abuse with patience and prayer.

The mantra ‘terrorism has no religion’ is so obvious yet it still seems to go over the heads of many who fall into the trap of terrorists to divide and confound us.

British lawmaker, Jo Cox was killed by a similar frenzied terrorist. She was murdered by that same hate-filled ideology which seeks to divide and threaten us and it has nothing to do with any religion.

Only a deranged madman brainwashed by irreligious ideology can perpetuate such a vile act.

The Holy Qur’an is clear on those who are paradise-bound, and being a Muslim merely in name is not one of them. “Believe and do good works” it says, being compassionate and selfless in service to humanity. It says a Muslim’s very duty is to serve the rest of creation.

The Prophet Muhammad taught, “he who shows no mercy to others will not be shown mercy by God.”

It’s time we stop seeing these attacks as motivated by religion or any scripture because they’re not. They’re motivated by radicals on both side of the spectrum - Muslim and non-Muslim. A terrorist may be a Muslim (in name) but there’s no justification whatsoever for it in Islam.

Every religion teaches the same core principles of love, peace and charity and to associate terrorist acts with Islam, is only playing into the hands of extremists making it easier for them to radicalise others.