Fox News Admits It's "Embarrassing, to Support Trump", and "Unbearable" If He Won't Deliver Racist Promises

01/10/2018 05:15 pm ET

After Bipartisan DACA meeting, Tucker Carlson admits “It’s embarrassing to support Donald Trump” and “not worth enduring the snark his brother-in-law directs at him” if Trump won’t follow through with racially charged policies like ending DACA. Let’s break it down.

Casual, lite supremacist and Trump disciple Tucker Carlson lost his mind last night over Trump’s bipartisan immigration meeting held yesterday where they discussed reinstituting DACA.

These are the same people the president now says he trusts to write the immigration bill, the one he’ll sign no matter what it says….. So what was the point of running for president?

This was basically one big “You promised you’d do racism, we were supposed to do racism!” rant because Trump is now relying on lawmakers instead of some imaginary executive force to do the bidding of his dwindling base, which includes, but apparently not for long, Tucker Carlson himself.

In a televised twist, President Trump held a meeting with the swamp creatures he once denounced.”

What kind of weird perspective on democracy has you getting this upset at our idiotic man-baby president doing something even a little presidential on accident, seeking a bipartisan compromise on a massive issue like ensuring that 700,000 DREAM-ers don’t get deported unfairly?

“When the people in this room come back with an agreement, I will be signing it. I would just waste time with: I want this, or I want that because I have a lot of confidence in the people in this room.”

Unlike bombing empty airbases in Syria, or shamelessly using marine widows to score political points, this is one of the first moments that Trump has acted remotely presidential, which is ironic but fitting since we all know he’s relying on this bipartisan council simply because doesn’t want to read this bill, and if it fails he can redirect the blame.

But, all jokes about Trump’s woeful ignorance aside, just look at Tucker’s face.

Tucker Feeling What We’ve Felt For Some Time Now
Pure Revulsion
Tucker Feeling What We’ve Felt For Some Time Now

Tucker’s wearing the same revulsion on his face that the rest of the world has been making for some time now. Except he’s disgusted for the wrong reasons, like, how the president would even dare speak to these cretins (lawmakers) instead of just loading these dirty immigrants who dare pursue the “American Dream” into a catapult and hurl them over the border wall. He even points to the bipartisan support in congress for protecting DREAM-ers as if it’s an immoral thing!

Congress is full of people from both parties, who believe the point of immigration is to provide cheap labor to their donors and to atone for America’s imaginary sins against the world.

Yeah okay, first off, you’re the only one who views human life as cheap disposable labor, so spare me the virtue signaling - especially since you take this cynical position as if you care about immigrants’ labor rights, and then proceed to spend every other second of this entire piece dehumanizing them.

And secondly, America’s sins against the world are far from imaginary.

And third, Tucker, you might want to dial back a little on that fascism buddy - your Hitler boner’s showing as you scream about how the president won’t outright reject immigration reform that both parties, and the American people, want. Especially since your initial criticism of DACA was about what an “unconstitutional” exercise of presidential authority it represented.

But the best is yet to come as Tuck boy whiteknuckles his way through the white supremacist anti-immigration talking points that range from dumb to unfounded fearmongering conspiracies in an almost Daily Stormer-like fashion.

They couldn’t care less about immigration's effect on you or your family

Yeah, all the negative effects like how much these “derrrn immigrants” contribute to our economy by participating in the labor force and starting businesses at higher rates, not to mention all the contributions to Social Security that undocumented workers make but will never receive as benefits - although you will, Tucker. So why are so mad, my guy?

President signaled he’d be happy to legalize hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants now, and then at some point in the future tackle all that other stuff, like, making sure they can’t bring millions of their relatives from the third world along with them...

This is the essence of Tucker’s fear. These “unwashed third world immigrants” coming to ruin Tucker’s “beautiful, pure - unseasoned - butter white culture.”

The Future Tucker Carlson Wants
The Future Tucker Carlson Wants

And finally, Cucker wraps up this whole thing with a baseball analogy bowtie that is as revealing as it is offensive.

“Being a Trump voter isn't always easy, it’s like rooting for the baseball underdog, the ol’ Chicago Cubs. On one level there is pride - the pride that comes with doing something that fashionable people think is insane and that's a good feeling.”

Yes, that’s a good enough reason to support a proto-fascist racist - because it’s hipster, you idiot. This isn’t like being unreasonably snarky about Rick and Morty on the internet... Politics. Has. Real. Human. Consequences.

“...But there is also some disappointment along the way and honestly there is some embarrassment. But you silently bear it

I love that you admit that it's remarkably embarrassing to constantly swallow the BS that this malignantly incompetent administration shovels down your no-longer-bowtied throat, and the only thing you can competently tell us is what 12 Diet Cokes and 4 Big Macs taste like after they’re consumed and passed through an orange hole, only to be pumped directly into your puckered mouth - and for what reason, Tucker?

“-because at the end you know when they finally win the world series it will be worth everything you went through.

How ironic you use the Cubs or any baseball team for that matter when they rely so heavily on immigrant talent.

This is how out of touch Tucker truly is. For him this is just a game, a game in which he’ll say anything and do anything to protect daddy, in the hopes that daddy will do racism. Tucker literally admits, that kicking out thousands of DREAM-ers who didn’t come here on their own volition, who only wanted to be contributing members of American society, who willingly gave their information to the government is as gratifying as your underdog baseball team winning The World Series. So next time someone tries to tell you that Fox News is a credible network, or that ending DACA isn’t purely for racist reasons - direct them to this article.

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