03/30/2018 07:10 am ET

Friday's Morning Email: Leaked Facebook Memo Defends The Company's Growth...At Any Cost

"We connect people. Period."
Dado Ruvic / Reuters


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EXPLOSIVE FACEBOOK MEMO DEFENDED COMPANY’S STRATEGY, EVEN IF IT GOT PEOPLE KILLED “We connect people. Period. That’s why all the work we do in growth is justified,” an executive wrote in 2016. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on...well, Facebook]

ADVERTISERS ARE DITCHING LAURA INGRAHAM’S SHOW After she mocked a Parkland survivor for getting rejected from colleges he’d applied to. She’s since apologized, but not everyone is ready to forgive and forget. [HuffPost]

THE AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT HAS BEEN LABELED A ‘DOMESTIC TERRORIST’ BY THE CITY’S POLICE CHIEF Who said he was slow to make the distinction because the word has a specific legal definition. [HuffPost]

A BRIDGE TOO FAR President Donald Trump says infrastructure overhaul will probably have to wait until after the midterm elections ― an admission rooted in political reality and the congressional calendar. [HuffPost]

WHY THE U.S. MILITARY QUIETLY BANNED WATERBOARDING OF ITS TRAINEES “No one succeeds. They can’t teach a strategy during that. Literally, it was absolutely so painful.” [HuffPost]

HOWARD UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ARE DEMANDING ANSWERS ABOUT AN EMBEZZLEMENT SCANDAL By staging a sit-in and singing Rihanna. Yes, there are memes. [HuffPost]

‘IF YOU WANT TO HAVE AN ARMS RACE, WE CAN DO THAT’ Trump’s alleged warning to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  [HuffPost]


‘BOYS CLUB RUN AMOK’ A sixth woman has come forward to complain about sexual discrimination at Monster Energy, where she says she was  harassed and abruptly fired. [HuffPost]

ACTIVISTS HAVE ADVICE FOR THE PARKLAND STUDENTS On how to make sure their agenda helps victims of gun violence beyond just mass shootings. [HuffPost]

WHY PARENTS ARE SO OBSESSED WITH TARGET It’s a “more socially acceptable place for parents to sneak away to solo than, say, a bar.” [HuffPost]

ADNAN SYED OF ‘SERIAL’ HAS A RIGHT TO A NEW TRIAL According to a court ruling. Prosecutors could still appeal the decision. [HuffPost]

TWENTY-FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A LEFTOVER HAM And how long you have to whip something up while it’s still good. [HuffPost]

COMING SOON FROM DISNEY AND PIXAR An animated short about a “giggly” little dumpling that springs to life. [HuffPost]