04/07/2017 06:58 am ET

Friday's Morning Email: The Aftermath Of The U.S. Strike On Syria

And the reaction from Russia.
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U.S. STRIKES SYRIAN AIRFIELD FOLLOWING CHEMICAL ATTACKS President Donald Trump authorized the military to launch 59 cruise missiles at the Shayrat Air Base in Syria in retaliation for a chemical weapon attack carried out from that air base. This was the first direct military strike against the Assad regime in Syria, and Trump lawmakers say it was intended to be a “single strike.” While many members of Congress raised concerns about Trump’s failure to seek congressional authorization, few questioned the strike itself. American allies have expressed their support, while the Kremlin says the strike hurts U.S.-Russia relations. And here’s a map of the attack and analysis of what could come next. [HuffPost]

SENATE PULLS ‘NUCLEAR’ TRIGGER Following a filibuster by the Democrats, Senate Republicans voted to change Supreme Court nomination confirmation rules to only require a simple majority, thus deploying the “nuclear option” and forever changing the Supreme Court nomination process. According to Sen. Chris Coons, this all could have been avoided if senators had had more time to hash out a deal. Howard Fineman writes that the “Senate junked the Founding Fathers’ vision.” And this all clears the way for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation. [HuffPost]

DEVIN NUNES STEPS DOWN FROM RUSSIA INVESTIGATION The House Ethics is investigating allegations that Nunes made “unauthorized disclosures of classified information.” His replacements, GOP Reps. Mike Conaway, Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney, have voiced their doubts about the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. [HuffPost]

TOURIST INJURED IN WESTMINSTER ATTACK DIES Bringing the death toll to six. [HuffPost]

LOOKS LIKE JARED KUSHNER ALLEGEDLY FORGOT ABOUT HIS MEETINGS WITH RUSSIANS While initially filling out his security clearance forms. [NYT]

ALABAMA GOVERNOR FACES POSSIBLE IMPEACHMENT According to the state’s Ethics Commission, there is probable cause he broke at least one state ethics law and three campaign laws while pursuing and then covering up an affair with his former top political adviser. [HuffPost]

SO MUCH FOR CALIFORNIA’S SUPERBLOOM Which got trampled by overeager visitors. [HuffPost]


TRIBUTES POUR IN FOR COMEDY LEGEND DON RICKLES The legendary entertainer died in his LA home at the age of 90, and Hollywood is out in full mourning. Here’s a send-up to when Rickles was roasting presidents before Stephen Colbert was born and his best bits on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.” [HuffPost]

THE TRIALS OF THE SECRET SERVICE IN THE TRUMP ERA “They are flat-out worn out,” GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz tells The New York Times. [HuffPost]

EVERYONE WITH A GREEN JACKET HAS WON A MASTERS Except for this 55-year-old environmental attorney. [WSJ | Paywall]

THIS BABY HAS SO MUCH HAIR Her mom needs to blow dry it daily. [HuffPost]

WILL YOU CUT CORDS FOR YOUTUBE TV? On top of the usual broadcast channels, it also comes with unlimited DVR. [HuffPost