07/30/2015 08:43 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2015

Frontier Offers $38 Flights In 'Little Fares, Big Cities' Flash Sale

Pack your bags.
Kathryn Scott Osler via Getty Images

UPDATE: While Frontier's flight sale was originally said to end July 31, some of the flight deals are now available for purchase until Aug. 3. Whoopee!

If you're craving a getaway, then today's your lucky day. And if you live in Chicago, Atlanta or Denver, then it's even luckier. 

Frontier Airlines is offering flights for as low as $38 in its "Little Fares From Big Cities" flash sale, which covers flights from late August through mid-December and runs until Aug. 3.

The best deals we found include a $38 one-way flight from Denver to Las Vegas, a $39 flight from Washington, D.C. to Cincinnati and $99 flights from both Los Angeles and San Francisco to Chicago.  

The sale includes many major airports, but there are lots of flights both to and from Chicago, Atlanta and Denver, making those prime places to book a ticket for a late fall or early holiday trip. 

Here's the catch: Blackout dates for the sale include Thanksgiving time, and the sale is for flights from Aug. 18 until as late as Dec. 16. Some flight deals exclude Sundays, and some exclude days of the week except Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The bottom line is, you're going to have to be flexible and spontaneous to appreciate some of the deals in this sale. 

But for a $38 flight? We think we can manage. 

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