05/03/2018 05:46 am ET

Frozen Margarita Recipes That'll Silence The Shamers

“There’s no shame in frozen cocktails.” Damn right there isn't.
Make your own frozen margaritas next time you have a craving.
Cravings Of A Lunatic/Cafe Delites/Joyful Healthy Eats
Make your own frozen margaritas next time you have a craving.

If you’ve ever felt a nagging sense of shame every time you crave a frozen margarita, you shouldn’t. But statements like these may be the reason you feel that way: 

Frozen cocktails carry a good deal of baggage in the cultural imagination. ... Your first vision at the mention of ‘frozen cocktail’ is that of a rotating slushie machine, dispensing candy-pink blends of cheap booze and artificially flavored mixers into plastic palm-tree-shaped novelty glasses.”

If you want a frozen margarita, don’t let the naysayers stop you. Make your own damn frozen margarita and enjoy every last icy crystal. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

Use good alcohol. Don’t use a crappy blender. And many would argue you should never use fresh fruit juice in a frozen marg. Rather, it’s suggested that you use a frozen fruit concentrate (preferably made of all-natural juice, with no sugar).

The eight recipes below don’t all adhere to that rule, but to each his own. Take your pick and find your best frozen margarita.