You Want To Get Ahead In The Workplace? Here's How.

Tabatha Coffey has ascended to international stardom as a stylist, author, style icon, and host of her own Bravo reality show Tabatha Takes Over. Originally about helping struggling hair salons, the show now covers all varieties of small business. Watch Tabatha dish no-nonsense tips on hair and business in the clips above!

Fresh perspective
The key to staying on top of things in business, according to Tabatha, is keeping a fresh perspective. Are you viewing your workplace like a first-time customer would? As an exercise, walk in with a "fresh set of eyes", not as "Tabatha, or the boss." Entering a space like this will help you evaluate the realities of your workplace. "Are we welcoming, are we professional... what are we doing, how is our cleanliness," she states. All these observations require stepping outside of yourself for a moment, something that Tabatha herself admits "is not easy to do!"

Watch the full interview with Tabatha Coffey here.

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