03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Gettin' Wristy With It: Lauer Wears The Communal NBC Bracelet, Gets Brian Williams' Wrist-Cooties

2007-08-24-Mattgetswristywithit.jpgAnd the circle of wrist-stronging is complete: As ETP reported yesterday — because we are on this story like red on wrist — "Today Show" host Matt Lauer did indeed wear the Stephen Colbert WristStrong bracelet on the air today, as bequeathed to him for that purpose by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who wore it on the broadcast on August 14th and 15th. Lauer even one-upped Williams by actually mentioning the bracelet on the air after a weather report by Al Roker.Let's go to the transcript:

AL: And now let's go to Mr. WristStrong wearer, from the Colbert Report, Matt Lauer. Show them the band there. It's nice.
MATT (laughing): Yeah I got it on... (holds up his wrist; brandishes same for camera) Here today, gone tomorrow.

Oh, come now, Matt! Wrist strength is a good cause every day of the week!

2007-08-24-MattLauerswrist.JPGRead more about Matt's adventures in wrist strength on MSNBC — yes, the WristStrong bracelet has officially become a story. 'Sokay MSNBC, we'll let you carry the ball a few steps here. Photo credit to NBC News producer Dan Fleschner — wrist strength is a team effort over there!

In other news, is it just us or does Matt Lauer's thigh look especially bulging and manly under those taut, taut trousers? Thanks for the close-up, Dan Fleschner of NBC News!