God is in the details

The NYT and I share the same problem. No on takes us seriously anymore. I believed Suzanne…she wouldn’t tell me who, but she swore that someone…someone had seen Brandon making out with a short girl at Clasky’s Watering Pit and Wine Bar. Sure, I told the whole dinner party last Saturday. It was IMPORTANT, and to be honest I still think that bastard is hiding my copy of Journey’s Greatest Hits somewhere in his apartment.

At least they try. The NYT posted 3,200 corrections last year. I used the word “esoterical” 5 times after I noticed it came accessorized with a red squiggly line in Microsoft Word. And Dave…that wasn’t a Common Warbler Bat in the park the other day…I’m not even sure that animal even exists. I’m sorry to have taken advantage of your poor eyesight, especially the day after the Lasic surgery.

The New York Times’ Credibility Group came out with their findings today on Preserving the Readers’ trust.

I want a credibility group too. Instead of 11 supervisory editors, 6 reporters, a copy editor, and a photographer, mine would consist of 12 ex-girlfriends, 5 old college professors, my barber, and my mother. I figure they’ve seen about as much of my crap as anyone else out there. (Mom – I’m not gay…but you should have seen the look on your face, WOW!…and thanks for the scented pillow).

Among the recommendations: more articles on religion. ( “Is God Great, or just Good?”) and less judgmental labels…Christian Conservatives don’t like the term “fundamentalist” any more… (bummer that lists no synonym for “terrorist”)