Goodness Will Prevail

11/11/2016 04:12 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2016

This week many citizens around the globe felt despair from the results of the U.S. election.

It is up to each of us to turn that around. We denounce hate, bigotry, misogyny and fear with love. Find your joy, your happy zone. Smile, it will raise your vibration. By raising your vibration, it will help your family and friends, co-workers and fellow citizens feel better. Random acts of kindness make our world a better place.

The caring people in all corners on the planet will shoulder a heavy load; more specifically, the continuing fight against global warming.

Let me remind you that half the global population is responsible for 70 percent of the climate-altering greenhouse gases, with the brunt of that coming from cities.

The good news: cities and their mayors (C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and the Compact of Mayors) have made tremendous inroads into reducing emissions, creating jobs, and future-proofing their communities. Irrespective of the outcome of the U.S. election, they are forging forward to protect their people and nature – our life support system.

Their plans include creating climate-smart buildings, transportation and waste management with more urban trees that will reduce carbon dioxide by 8 billion tons or 25 percent of the world’s annual output and save $17 trillion dollars over the next three decades.

The single biggest thing you can do to fight the climate in crisis is to switch your diet to a plant-based one. It’s healthy, compassionate, water-smart and easy to do. Animal agriculture contributes at least 18 percent to the heat-trapping greenhouse gases, which is more than the entire footprint of the transportation sector globally.

I also suggest joining a movement to save nature and fight the climate crisis.

I love whales. The whales are helping to re-grow the missing 40 percent of the phytoplankton (the basis of the entire ocean ecosystem) that fossil fuels robbed. Phytoplankton along with blue green bacteria, prochlorococcus, give us almost two out of every three breaths of oxygen. The whales are helping us breathe and fight the climate in crisis. So, I support the crucial conservation work of Sea Shepherd Australia because they are protecting the Antarctic whales.

There are so many worthy animal and conservation groups that need your help, right now. You will meet like-minded people working to save nature and fight the climate in crisis.

Together we are an unstoppable force for goodness.

We are good. Goodness will prevail.

Forti nihil difficile – nothing is difficult for the strong.”

Minkes are the smallest of all filter feeding whales. Their wellbeing is crucial to heal Earth's <a href="http://scrippso2.uc
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Minkes are the smallest of all filter feeding whales. Their wellbeing is crucial to heal Earth's diminishing oxygen levels from burning fossil fuels.

Earth Doctor Reese Halter’s upcoming book is “Save Nature Now.”

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