GQ’s Keith Olbermann Called Trump a ‘Russian Whore’ on Twitter. Olbermann Owes People An Apology

12/16/2016 05:38 am ET
Keith Olbermann (GQ/screen grab)

Imagine Donald Trump had Tweeted someone was a “whore,” and used another country as a description of the word. What would The New York Times and Washington Post say? Furthermore, is it alright to call anyone, even a man, a “whore” simply because you disagree politically? If Trump had called another man a “whore,” and used another country as part of the term, America’s media establishment would have exhibited outrage of Biblical proportions. In addition, feminists would have every right to condemn such deplorable use of language; especially if the intention is to insult a man by demeaning the women of another nation.

If you listen to GQ’s Keith Olbermann nowadays, he sounds like a less charming Joseph McCarthy. Yesterday on Twitter, however, Olbermann became more of a demagogue than Trump or anyone else. In a world where Bernie Sanders pointing his finger was considered sexist, Olbermann Tweeted that Trump was a “Russian Whore.” He repeated the xenophobic, sexist, and vile term in numerous Tweets, seen below:

In addition to sexist language, warning the President Elect “we will get you” should warrant at least a call from the FBI. As for his insulting message, progressives who care about ending misogyny and sexism should read his series of Tweets. Olbermann’s use of the phrases “Russian whore” and “Russia’s whore” (Tweeted throughout the day) is linked directly to his belief that such terms are insulting. If Trump had an alleged political link to the UK, it’s doubtful Olbermann would have called Trump a “British whore.” Someone should ask Mr. Olbermann if there were any double meanings pertaining to his use of the phrase; prostitution in Russia surged after the financial crisis. For Olbermann to have insulted the women of a rival nation, simply because he disagrees with Trump, is despicable. In addition, for Olbermann to have used the term without any evidence (emails, video, recordings, suspects) backing up the claim Russian hackers worked to elect Trump, is yet another flaw in his logic.

The biggest question pertaining to Olbermann’s use of the term “Russian whore” is how Slate, The Daily Beast and other progressive thought police will react. Had Trump Tweeted the same words towards a liberal male writer or pundit, Democrats would likely have contacted the International Criminal Court. Since Keith Olbermann is one of the more vocal defenders of Hillary Clinton, it’s telling that nobody paid attention to the xenophobia and hate found within his Tweet.

Today’s Red Scare tactics utilized by indignant establishment Democrats overlook the experience of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein voters. WikiLeaks did us all a favor by exposing the DNC’s corruption and favoritism towards Clinton. We would never have known Bernie was cheated in the Democratic Primary were it not for WikiLeaks. Also, the phrase “I’m with her” became irrelevant to the Democratic Party when applied to a female rival named Jill Stein. Once again, Dr. Stein was treated in a different manner from Clinton by progressive publications and the double standard exposed how Democrats truly feel about gender. Criticism of Clinton was often labeled as sexist, while Stein was considered a threat worthy of greater scrutiny.

As for the validity of any claim that Russian hackers stole the election from Clinton, where are the Russian hacker emails? Who are the suspects? Where is the evidence?

The CIA has no evidence; simply unnamed sources contradicted by other U.S. intelligence agencies.

Olbermann’s tirades ignore an October The New York Times article titled Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia.

The rantings of this former ESPN Sportscenter host contradict NSA Director Mike Rogers’s belief that DNC hacks didn’t affect the outcome of the election.

Also, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence “is not sold” on the CIA’s report on alleged Russian hacking. Regarding the CIA’s theory involving WikiLeaks, James Clapper stated the following:

“As far as the WikiLeaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong and we don’t have good insight into the sequencing of the releases or when the data may have been provided. We don’t have as good insight into that.”

Compare James Clapper’s inability to connect WikiLeaks, Russia and Trump with Olbermann’s unhinged tirades.

Finally, when a Bernie Sanders surrogate used a similar term to describe Democrats and Wall Street, Slate published a piece titled “Corporate Democratic Whores” Is a Sexist Slur That Demeans Women:

That’s not something to brag about—calling people misogynist names is neither a respectable nor practical means of health care advocacy.
…The word whore isn’t just insensitive. It’s a slur used to demean sex workers and, contrary to the protests of Sanders supporters, a gendered term directed squarely at women. Otherwise, the modified version, manwhore, wouldn’t exist.

Let’s see if Slate and others show the same concern when a liberal pundit uses the words “Russian whore” numerous times on Twitter. In this case, a nation and its women are combined to insult a political figure, therefore there’s two elements at play: xenophobia and sexism.

If Olbermann’s Tweet isn’t an example of sexism, xenophobia and misogyny, then the terms need new definitions. Simply saying Trump is evil, therefore the word “whore” can be used without condemnation, ignores the fact Olbermann chose the phrase “Russian whore” for a specific reason. Whether it was to insult Russia, Russian women, or simply to claim Trump was beholden to Putin (by demeaning Russian women in the process), the GQ pundit’s choice of words undermines progressive values. Ironically, the outrage over Trump’s Tweets overshadows offensive comments utilized by pundits on the left. Trump didn’t invent demagoguery (and his antics never stopped Bill or Hillary Clinton from going to his wedding or playing golf with him) nor does Trump’s behavior condone demagoguery on the left. If you find the word’s used by Olbermann offensive, now is the time to express your outrage; not when Trump uses the same sentiment. If left free to insult anyone else with such contemptible language, Olbermann’s Twitter barrage could lead to sexist terms even more offensive than “whore.”

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