10/26/2015 03:51 pm ET

Fill The 'Crimson Peak'-Size Hole In Your Heart With This Guillermo Del Toro Art Show

Feast your hand eyes!

"Crimson Peak" was kind of a letdown for Guillermo del Toro fans and, well, anyone who saw the trailer. The gothic romance marketed itself as a jump-scare-heavy horror film. There's also continued debate as to whether the ghosts -- which del Toro has said were done with practical effects -- were made with or just ruined by CGI.

Anyway, as fun and absurd as some moments in "Crimson Peak" are, if you wanted another "Pan's Labyrinth," this just wasn't it. Thankfully, Gallery 1988 is here with some gorgeous fan art to ease the pain. Dry your hand eyes and take a look at some of the work on view in the recent exhibition: "In Service of Monsters."

Camilla d'Errico
Glenn Barr
Gullaume Morellec
Jel Ena
Nicole Gustafsson
Sean Danconia
100 Percent Soft
Jorsh Pena
Jeffrey Everett
Scott C.

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