07/30/2015 12:52 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2015

How To Help Your Kids Stand On Their Own

While parenting can be one of the most rewarding jobs, it can also be daunting. "There is a natural age-old tension that all parents face between nurturing and protecting your child -- making sure they have what they need and they're safe -- versus preparing them [for the world], which means you've got to let them scrape knees," says Dr. Phil in the video above. “You’ve got to get them out there to learn what they need to learn. Over-indulgence is not a gift to children.”

Explaining that we live in an "eat what you kill world," Dr. Phil adds, "If we allow our children to get by without being the absolute best that they can be, without using all their skills, ability, traits and characteristics, we truly are cheating them. Don’t feed your own dependency needs by keeping them close to you. Help them stand on their own.”

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