Hey Republicans, Nobody Is Buying Your Fake Outrage Over Trump’s Sexist Tweets. You Endorsed This.

You stood by the "p***y grabber-in-chief" after countless sexist attacks during his campaign. Spare me.

Wait, so now you’re outraged by Trumps misogyny? Now he’s gone too far? Was I the only one who heard him insinuate that Megyn Kelly was having her period when she asked him a mildly tough question? Or call countless women pigs, dogs, ugly, fat, stupid, dumb?

You see, I don’t recall many Republicans voicing their outrage at any of these sexist outbursts, and even those who did say something, none of these sexist comments cost him their support during the campaign, not even Ted Cruz when Trump retweeted an image that all but called Cruz’s wife ugly. Remember? Ted was so upset ― for a whole two minutes ― then sold his soul and started making calls for Trump asking for votes. But all of a sudden now, a whole host of Republican leaders feel it is their duty as government officials to voice their concern.

Well, I don’t buy it. Your morality is as deep as a puddle in California.

If you were conscious yesterday, I’m sure you are aware that Trump did Trump things to pass the hours before his next tee time, launching childish insults at his latest target, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. Trump felt it was his presidential duty to inform us that Mika was once “bleeding badly from a face-lift” when visiting the White House, I mean Mar-a-lago. Potato-Potato.

And while these comments are despicable, they are par for the course. Man, these golf jokes are rolling off the keyboard. This is the same guy who has rarely called Rosie O’Donnell anything other than a pig. The same guy who once said he would have liked to date his own daughter. But now that he is supposed to “act presidential,” his fellow conservatives who preach Christianity as their north star, have decided that they can no longer tolerate Trump’s misogyny and felt it was their responsibility to tell him that he was not living up to the dignity of his office.

No shit he’s not ― he never has been, and 99 percent of you have been complicit in this. Especially you, Paul Ryan. Now all of a sudden you feel you have the moral standing to say that Trump’s tweets are not helping. What’s next, Mr. Ryan, you going to tell me Jeff Sessions is not the perfect guest at Ice Cube’s BBQ, or that we shouldn’t let Rudy Giuliani talk to people anymore. These are all known things, mate, things you knew as well which is why your fake outrage now is hollow.

And he’s not the only one. After spending months dismissing Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” comment as simply locker room talk, yesterday Fox News offered up some of their own phony morality describing Trump’s comments as unacceptable. Yeah, they weren’t as harmless as claiming to sexually assault women without asking ― they were next level gross, right?

The thing is, these tweets WERE gross, most of his comments about women HAVE been gross. The difference is, we already knew that. Most Republicans either denied to acknowledge this fact or dismissed it as harmless. But now that they have control of all branches of government they suddenly feel it’s their duty to make sure the world knows they don’t tolerate this type of misogyny. Well, ya did, in fact you promoted it. So save it, you’re just as gross.

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