Hillary, Don't Go To The Inauguration!

You do not need to prove anything to anyone.

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I am beginning to read articles about whether or not you will attend the inauguration on Jan. 20. In three simple words I say, “Hillary, don’t go!”

Obviously, as a former U.S. President, Bill is officially invited, and you are given the distinction of attending as his guest. I recognize that many people feel you and President Clinton must attend in order to show your patriotism and to show that you believe in a peaceful transition of power.

I think that is garbage.

You and Bill do not need to prove to anyone that you are patriots of the tallest order. Nor do you need to prove that you believe in a peaceful transition of power. Your tireless work during the past four decades proves this. Plus, your incredibly gracious and beautiful concession speech from the New Yorker Hotel was all the proof people need to understand and recognize your noble dedication, service, and love for this country.

I sincerely hope you and Bill will decide to stay home in Chappaqua on Jan. 20. Or perhaps take a nice vacation somewhere.

You have been through a lot and endured more pain than the average human being could ever withstand. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. Attending the Inauguration of this orange-faced, racist, sexist, xenophobic, serial lying, narcissistic, maniac bully would merely add insult to injury, and I personally think it is completely unnecessary.

Should you desire, you and Bill could certainly release a letter in advance of the inauguration confirming that you wish the president-elect the best, you believe wholeheartedly in a peaceful transition of power, you hope those Americans who choose to attend the inauguration enjoy themselves, and you will respectfully not be attending the ceremony.

I hear arguments that claim that by not attending you will be drawing attention to yourselves. Again, I think this is bullsh*t. In fact, by attending and allowing the media to photograph your face during every second of the ceremony, you would be drawing attention to yourself, and therefore taking attention away from the orange one’s face. By respectfully not attending, you are in fact saying, “I do not want the focus to be on me so I will stay out of the limelight.”

I recommend you stay home, relax and play with your grandchildren. Enjoy your day.

Or, feel free to call my mom to join you for a movie. She lives in the New York City area and she adores you.

Hillary, don’t go to the Inauguration. #HillaryDontGo


Ben Arnon