04/03/2007 02:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's Iraq Petition: Tell Bush Not to Veto the Will of the People

It's been a while since my last post on HuffPo, and as Hillary Clinton's Internet Director, I wanted to draw attention to Hillary's new petition asking you to tell President Bush not to veto the will of the people on Iraq. As you know, President Bush is threatening to veto a crucial first step to ending the war in Iraq, a bill that has passed both houses of Congress and calls for the phased withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Here's the text and link of Hillary's petition:

"Last week the Senate passed historic legislation that calls for a phased redeployment for our troops in Iraq while ensuring they have the support they need. It's an important first step in ending the war in Iraq. But President Bush has threatened to veto the bill. The American people have had enough of the president's failed strategy in Iraq. Join Hillary in telling him to listen to the will of the people and to Congress, withdraw his veto threat, and begin phased deployment of the troops out of Iraq."

Also, on Monday, Hillary said: "I think we should challenge this president not to veto this bill, and we should hold firm. This bill represents the will not only of the Congress but of the American people. The president is making a grave mistake by refusing to work with the Congress to change direction in Iraq."

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