How Arthur Tubman Turned a Drug Addiction into an Entrepreneurship Addiction

08/29/2016 12:14 pm ET

The most inspiring stories are ones that motivate others to do better in their lives. They’re the stories you hear about when someone overcomes their obstacles and makes it out a champ on the other side.

This is exactly how I felt when I was interviewing Arthur Tubman. From drug addiction to entrepreneurship, the veteran online marketer told me everything.

For those who don’t know -Arthur is the founder of D4Y Brand Builder, an agency that works with clients to create marketing campaigns which allows them to scale their businesses.

Below you’ll find a short video about Arthur’s journey.

Watching that video definitely inspired me and the goal is to inspire you as well. With that being said - here’s the interview below:

Me:  How did you get started in entrepreneurship? What was your “moment” when you knew that you were an entrepreneur?

Arthur:  I always knew I was an entrepreneur…when I was in grade school I remember having my head in the clouds the whole time. My report cards always said that my head was somewhere else. Plus, I was always looking for something different. Something out of the norm and a lot of it actually had to do with my family. They came here when I was 5 years old and immigrated from communist Russia.

My parents were extremely hard workers. I barely even saw them. So going through that, I wanted a better life for my sister and I.I saw the struggle that my family went through and I since I had that rebellious nature like most entrepreneurs - I gravitated towards entrepreneurship.

I remember my first real bat at entrepreneurship in a somewhat of a professional level. It was when I was in college and I started a company with a friend. I also did some network marketing which led to a tech startup and now, I’m the CEO and founder of D4Y Brand Builder.

Me:  So when did your drug addiction start and how did it start?

Arthur:  I can’t point the finger and say it was my parents because they were there for me. They might have been working all of the time but they were still there for me. It was mainly just me – I was in my zone the whole time and kind of a loner. And I wanted to fit in badly. I gravitated towards the use of drugs because I wanted to fit in.

I had a real progressive addiction. It took over my life by the time I was 21 and I found myself in a jail cell and had basically lost everything. At the time I was running a business from my phone and I had a phone call a day and I literally had to start over.

But the best part about that experience... was that I came out alive. I was still breathing and for that I’m grateful for it. It was a blessing in disguise. But if I would have stayed on that path my addiction was leading to 1 of 3 things.  Jail. an institution, or death

Me:  I’m glad you found your way out... Actually, let’s get into that - how in the world did you get out of that cycle?

Arthur:  I have a different personality than most and when I made the decision to get clean, I channeled my inner personality to make something of myself that I had destroyed. Because like I said before – I was either going to jail and an institution or I had to find a new way to live.

It started when I was in the finance business and I hustled daily. It got to the point where I helped create a multi-billion-dollar pipeline in just a matter of a couple of months and after that, it became my new addiction. 

Me:  Wow dude that is incredible! So, fast forward to the business you are in now. Why D4Y Brand Builder?

Arthur:  So it was either in 2008 or 2009 I got online out of necessity. I was in the real estate and finance field and I was working extremely hard. I was putting up signs, handing out fliers, going to networking events, etc., and this was getting very tiresome for me. So I started coaching and training people in a local market on how to use social media to grow their business. Shortly thereafter I saw a big need in the marketplace for teaching people how to blog and how to setup their blog.

So I launched a company and we were part of a web based reality show and our show got featured on a front page of this magazine and we got a ton of calls from businesses in the area …like we are talking thousands of calls. What sucked at the time is that we didn’t have a service for what they wanted. They all wanted help with their social media, with their online presence etc... but we didn’t have a service to offer them

So when I left that company, I took the list with me and decided to cold call those businesses 1 by 1 which led to carving out a little niche for myself. This of course evolved and now I create marketing campaigns that are meant for conversions.

Me:  Nice! So since we’re talking about business…what did you wish you knew before you started out in business?

Arthur:  I wish I knew the real value of surrounding yourself with really great mentors. I have a mentor for almost everything in my life. I want to focus what I’m really good at and then outsource the rest.

I know that as an entrepreneur you have your hands in a little bit of everything but often times you can create bottlenecks in your own company

Hiring the right people is important but having the right mentors to guide you through the process is priceless.

Me: Who are your mentors?

Arthur: I have mentors in all areas. A health mentor for example and actually a lot of entrepreneurs don’t see the value in sleep or drinking water... but I hire a health mentor because if I can be at a peak state in my health – I can be at a peak state in my business.

I have a business mentor to bounce ideas off of. I also have a mindset mentor that helps me with mental toughness.

So I have mentors in all areas and it’s one of the main things I need to have.

Me: That’s a really good idea...usually people think they just need a mentor. But now I completely agree that you should have different mentors for different aspects of your life. Do you believe in some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Arthur: I believe you can learn skills that will make you a better entrepreneur but I also believe that if you don’t have good habits, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are because you will procrastinate and never get anything done.

I live and breathe 4 core habits

  1. Mentorship
  2. Personal Development
  3. Time management
  4. Money management

Me: So we talked in general about having mentors and just putting the good work in but what are the actual steps you took to grow your business?

Arthur: The main thing would be just really getting out there. I’m an introvert so at times it can be really challenging but I also know that I have really good intuition so it balances out.

My big thing is going to masterminds. I need to go to events and to these masterminds in order to make sure we provide value to our clients. For example: some people go to masterminds to get clients - I go to get better.

So the actual steps would be to stay vigilant and go out there. Constantly improve your craft and surround yourself with people who make you better.

Me: So earlier you said that as an entrepreneur you have your hands in a lot of things – and you also said that you outsource a lot of things. From your standpoint – what should and what shouldn’t an entrepreneur be addicted to?

Arthur: An entrepreneur should be addicted to learning and leading. If you aren’t learning - you’re not growing. If I go a couple of days or weeks without a book or podcast, I don’t grow and I end up not improving.

So if you’re going to be addicted to anything - be addicted to learning.

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