How Brabble Raised $8 Million Dollars to Take on Instagram and Snapchat

08/10/2016 11:31 am ET
Going up against the big four (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter) and other giants of social media is no easy task. But if you raised $8 million dollars at an early stage, with a lot more on the way like Brabble did, you would have a major leg up on the competition.

What intrigued me so much about Brabble was how they were able to raise so much money quickly and leverage strategic partnerships to their advantage. I recently sat down with Brabble to gain insight into this phenomenon. Here’s how they were able to raise so much funding, and how you can too.

It Starts with a Strong Network

Unless you have friends and family that are loaded and will fund anything you wish, you need a strong network.

Whether it’s through friends and family or a professional network, it’s always worth reaching out to your entire existing network of contacts to see who and what they have access to. You would be surprised who might be willing to kick in significant funds from your existing network.

Brabble has found a unique way of networking outside of Silicon Valley. And it makes a lot of sense. Have you ever heard the phrase, “don’t bring sand to the beach?” Well, Brabble is not bringing any sand to the beach.

In fact, none of their investors are Silicon Valley venture capitalists. They have instead tapped into their existing contacts, including some strong financial contacts based in NYC. In other words, just because Silicon Valley is the typical go-to for most startups looking for funding, it’s not necessarily the best or only option.

You Must Stand Out and Be Unique

One of the key ingredients to successfully raising a lot of funds is having a worthwhile company to invest in.

This means your company must be investable. You must have something unique that you bring to the table. In Brabble’s case, they have three valuable patents pending on their technology. One of these allows users to communicate with replies to posts in many different forms of media, like Audio & Video, making engagement far surpass other mobile apps today.

Perhaps even more importantly, the team behind the product needs to be top notch.

When you start pitching, you need to have meat on the bones. Nobody wants to invest into something with no substance or wild hypotheticals. Such things will be very obvious once investors start sniffing around.

Brabble has been able to do all this by getting strong and proven industry veterans on the team, as well as advisors, consultants, evangelists, ambassadors.

These resources reassure investors and make the company more likely to succeed.

A Path to an Exit or Acquisition

Depending on the investor, it would be beneficial to convey your exit plan. When speaking to investors, Brabble is very clear on how they will exit and make their money as opposed to seeking an indefinite period of uncertainty. I believe this clear intention makes it easier to invest in Brabble.

Before you even get into your pitch, it would be good to tell investors what your intentions are.  That’s exactly what Brabble does. They tell investors up front that they are looking for a strategic acquisition in less than 3 years.

Have a Secret Weapon

Why are you unique? What is going to make you more successful than others? Why is your team better? How are you going to make money?

These are all important questions that you should have great answers to as a company that wants to find investors. But importantly, what’s your secret weapon?

I discovered that Brabble has a secret weapon baked in with their patent pending revenue model that allows them to create a community of cash flow and opportunities for all of its users as well as a proven marketing network to tap into.

I see a lot of companies out there that couldn’t raise funding if their lives depended on it, and then I see Brabble who finds it easy to raise funds. These things are what it takes to go from unfundable to fundable.
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