How Laughter, Tears, Singing, and Dancing Bring People Together, Featuring Dr.Robin Dunbar

03/15/2017 04:38 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2017

Truth or Dare: Episode 7

The Truth or Dare Podcast asks experts to challenge listeners toward better social health.

Today’s featured guest is Dr.Robin Dunbar. Dr.Dunbar is perhaps best known for studying the number of friends typical adults have in their social circles. But Dr.Dunbar’s work goes well beyond this initial landmark study. Today, he discusses how laughter, tears, singing, and other experiences help us bond with others socially.

Dr. Dunbar holds a PhD from Bristol University and completed an Advanced Research Fellowship at Cambridge. He previously taught and conducted research at University College London, Stockholm University, and Liverpool University. He now studies social bonding while researching and teaching at Oxford.

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