How To End Suffering Once and For All

02/17/2017 10:26 pm ET

Guest blogger, Will Clewis, shares some life changing strategy to end suffering. Check it out below.

Today I want to share 3 steps you can implement in your life to end suffering once and for all.

We've been conditioned to wear this mask that says everything in our lives is okay and we've got it good. You know, that everything is perfect mask, when in reality, a lot of people are suffering.

If you're suffering right now, or going through a difficult situation, I want you to tune into this article.

Pain is inevitable, alright. It's apart of life. If you live long enough you're going to go through some pain. Whether it is somebody breaking your heart, or physical pain, you're going to experience it. Pain is not necessarily a bad thing like we’ve been led to believe, though. Once you're in pain, well, now you're paying attention. For example, if you place your hand on a hot stove and it burns you, now you’re paying attention. Further, if you walk outside and all of a sudden a bee stings you in the neck it's going to hurt. The sting has your attention.

Now that you’re paying attention you have a choice to make. You can choose what this pain means, the lessons that you can take away from this painful event, and how you’ll grow as a result of going through it, or you can choose to do what most people do, and that's suffer.

What is suffering? Suffering is pain with a dramatic story attached to it. So many people are going back five, ten, or twenty years ago and reliving past, hurtful experiences. They ask questions like "Why did I have to go through this?" "Why did this person do this to me?" "Why is my life so hard?” They somehow believe that if they can get to the root cause of why they did what they did, they will find closure, and everything will be okay.

What you've got to understand is, though you did go through a hurtful experience (and I'm not trying to undermine that in any way), you'll never get closure to that event. You won't get down to the root cause. The only thing you have now is your direction of focus. So, what should you focus on?

Instead of focusing on all the things that happened in the past, which you can’t undo anyway, focus on more of the things that make you feel good. Focus on more of the things that inspire you and motivate you. Focus on the things that you want in your life. When you can do that, direct your focus to the right places, your life quickly becomes a masterpiece.

What I want you to understand is there is no way you can move forward, grow and become the person that God truly designed you to be, if you're constantly living in the past and choosing to suffer. If you feel as if any of this applies to you these three steps below will radically transform your life.

Step #1 Write down what happened. Remove all emotion and write down strictly facts.

Step #2 Why was this situation positive? Now this step may be tough, because it’s hard for most people to find the light in the dark. If you look close enough there is always a positive in every situation.

Step #3 How can you use this experience to help you grow.

Do this consistently and you've learned self-mastery at the highest level. You will end suffering once and for all, and now your life will quickly become a masterpiece.

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