How To Improve Brand Strength With No Budget?

To build a business, you have to invest a significant amount of time and money. So, when you don’t have a boatload of cash to spend on marketing, your brand really doesn’t need to dwell in the shadows. You just have to proportionately put in more time and effort to improve brand strength.

Here is how you can do it.

Cultivate Brand Evangelists

For organic growth of business, it is necessary to establish the trust of a group of consumers who will further promote your brand within their respective communities.

They spread the word about your product to a varied audience, and usually, the voice of consumers tends to be more credible than the voice of the business itself.

Businesses have successfully cultivated brand evangelists by engaging and building relationships with their customers. Prompt replies to emails and tweets could turn a customer into a super user who is eager to provide word-of-mouth recommendations for your products.

Website polls and free giveaways are also established tactics to woo existing customers.

Make Sharing Easy

Ensure that customers are easily able to share your products on social media. If you remove all the friction involved in the sharing procedure, there is a greater chance of this strategy hitting the targets.

You can use social sharing widgets on your web pages and pre-populated tweets/posts that reduce the effort from the side of the customer.

You can also explore options of offering incentives to users who refer other prospective customers.


Attend events and trade shows to build your network and meet potential customers. Even if you do not gain an immediate spike in customer base, you would have made an impression on people.

The next time they require services in your industry, your name could be on top of their mind.

Content Marketing

Advertising is not the only way to promote your brand. A good content marketing strategy will ensure that you are heard above the noise. By blogging, sharing and tweeting about areas relevant to your business, you can build credibility in your industry.

Content marketing is an impressively powerful method to boost your brand, increase website traffic and catapult your website to the top of search results – all this on a tight budget.

Improve Your Visibility On The Web

This is a common misstep taken by new or small businesses. You need to be aware that people could search listing sites to know more about you and locate your business headquarters.

So, you need to verify that your listing is accurate, and there are direct links to your contact number and website. Also, create a logo and attach it to your directory listing.

There are multiple online directory services that authorize businesses to create free listings. Get onto all the prominent directories and claim your business there.

It is also a good idea to encourage customers to leave reviews or comments on your products. You can also incentivise them for the same. Reviews improve brand authenticity and can attract new customers.

Personal Communication

A well-written personal letter to a customer should never be underestimated. It carries with it a lot of credibility and assists customers in nurturing a positive association with your brand.

Your personal communication should include your logo, and use a standard template with light personalisation.

Email Signature

You can use your email signature to promote a new offer, reinforce a message or provide your contact details. However, you need to standardize your signature with a consistent logo, font, and color scheme.

It is a relief that putting in more time enables you to connect effectively, engage and converse with your target consumer base, even on a shoe-string budget.

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