How to Leverage Pinterest in Your Online Marketing

Ready to expand your social media marketing efforts in 2018? Consider getting started with Pinterest. This image-based social media site can help you reach even more customers. Especially, If you have great visuals and want to appeal to their a highly engaged female audience. Pinterest users love to build crafts, search for recipes, shop, or learn something new. Use this advice to drive traffic back to your business website and score more sales. Pinterest can be a black hole and time suck. (Like all social media) You might start out searching for pins that relate to your business, but end up looking at cupcake recipes! So how do you stand out?

1. Create Theme Boards

Create theme boards for topics related to your business. If you are a wedding planner, try building boards on the best wedding photo locations, destination wedding to do lists, or invitations layouts. You should also create a business board for all the pins and photos related to your products and services to keep everything in one place. Be sure to write a detailed description of the business board using keywords to increase interest from potential followers. Also search engines like this too as individual boards are now being indexed too.

2. Be Creative with Board Titles

Be creative with your board titles. The more interesting the board title to more attention you will attract. Also don't make your titles too long, or they won't fit in the space, and no one will try to figure it out.

3. Make it Easy to Pin Your Content

If you sell products, make sure to use the Pin It button on each product image on your website to make it easy to share it on Pinterest. Be sure your images are visually appealing and professional.

4. Create a Pin for Every Post

Use your blog content to increase the number of people who view a given post by sharing it on Pinterest. The key is having a strong image that will attract people to click to your content or repin it.

5. Share Other Great Content

Your Pinterest account shouldn’t just be about your business. Share other great content that’s relevant and interesting to your followers. Create specific boards that cover a specific topic and include your own comments in the description when repining, so that people know why you like it. For example, if you sell beauty products, you could have a board called “Body Art” and display examples of fabulous makeup makeovers from around the web. This won’t drive traffic to your site, but it does establish you as the go-to resource in your field.

6. Ask for Repins

Simply asking your followers to repin, comment, or click in your description can increase engagement by 80%! Just stick to one call to action, otherwise you confuse people. Decide what has the biggest value for you: a click to your site, a repin to reach more people, or a comment to engage in conversation. The more repins an image has, the more it’s likely to attract an audience.

7. Be Social

Pinterest is a social network. That means you’ve got to give to get. So, repin other users’ business pins, comment on them, and tag them to engage in relationship-building. The idea is that you’ll pique their interest and they’ll come see what you’re doing on your own boards and support your marketing efforts there too.

8. Sell on Pinterest

One of the coolest features on Pinterest is Buyable Pins, which allow users to buy a product with the click of a button on a pin of a product. This has significant opportunity to increase revenue since users don’t have to leave Pinterest to make purchases. They no longer need to go to your site and hunt for the product they want to buy.

9. Track Your Metrics

Figure out what you want to accomplish on Pinterest. Would you like to attract 150 new followers a week? Increase clicks to your site by 20%? Define very specifically what you’re trying to achieve so that you can look at the metrics. It’s easy to see how many followers and pins your have, but if you want to increase traffic to your website, look at your Google Analytics to see how many visitors came from Pinterest.

You need to track your goals on any social site. Remember, only focus your efforts on 2 or 3 social media platforms does really can work. Pinterest could be a great addition to your online marketing efforts. Keep your content consistent and vary up the types of visuals you pin, and you’ll build followers, traffic, and sales. Keep me posted on your progress.

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