How to Make Your Next Vacation Tech-Free

09/08/2016 11:25 am ET
Source: Into the Tribe

If you’re anything like the 25 million people around the world that play Pokemon Go every day, you’ve experienced what it’s like to discover places you’ve never been before and to see things you didn’t know exist. It’s the basic draw of the game: to get out and explore.

But, if you’re anything like the 25 million people around the world playing Pokemon Go everyday, that also means that you’ve spent the last 50 days of your summer immersed in your phone.

Maybe it’s time you take a break — a vacation, perhaps?

Digital detox vacations are nothing new; as early as 2008 there were reports of a hotel in the Rocky Mountains that launched an electronic rehab getaway catering to BlackBerry addicts who would hand over their phones in exchange for a specialized resort package. Since then, we know how significantly the world has changed — like how smartphone “addiction” and overuse is no longer reserved for the work-a-holic, and how the lives of people of all ages have become deeply bound by a desire to always be connected.

So while an electronic rehab getaway may have seemed extreme in 2008, offline is now a luxury we all deserve (and many of us need). A break from the noise, the trending news, the constant stream of information, and even the pokestops — wouldn’t that be kind of wonderful?

But think even better: an Instagram-worthy getaway that leaves digital distractions forgotten, filled with activities that reignite a burnt out mind, and a personal photographer to capture the moments you’ll undoubtedly share later.

Source: Into the Tribe

Enter Into The Tribe: a self-described digital detox vacation travel company that focuses on tailoring tech-free vacations and adventures in Europe. It’s a delightfully genius formula: take the wonderful experiences of European travel — tasting wine and cheese, biking through sprawling vineyards, meeting fellow travelers — and remove the pieces that don’t quite fit — touristy selfies, concerns of the internet, “back home”.

Source: Into the Tribe

Into the Tribe has a clear and important purpose: to offer a place where its travelers can comfortably disconnect from their digital lives and reconnect with others and nature. Their focus is simply to take a slower pace, to unplug for your own sake, and to enjoy the uninterrupted company of those around you.

Source: Into the Tribe

Unlike some digital detox camps and workshops focused on corporate team-building and analog gimmicks, Into the Tribe’s trips are designed for world travelers looking for a humbling getaway mixed with a bit of adventure and real social networking.

Source: Into the Tribe

So if you enjoyed the better part of your summer exploring the world and making new friends through Pokemon Go, or you’re like me and want nothing more than to step away from Facebook trending news, then you just might enjoy a vacation with the tribe.

Into the Tribe’s next trip is to Kea, Greece on September 17th. Prices begin at just $550 USD for 5 days and include accommodations, meals, and activities. Can’t make it so soon? The Tribe is off to Arrabida, Portugal in October.

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