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Do you ever find yourself almost falling in love when scrolling through your favorite fashionista’s Instagram feed? Yeah, me too, there is this sense of urgency to see what she will be wearing next, where she will be and (most importantly) what I should be buying to look just as cool as her. I wonder, how did this IT girl become such an inspiration and how are photos so flawless every single time?

Today, I’m going to show you, how you can take amazing outfit photo’s because you can be that stylish girl that everyone wants to know. To top of off- it’s a lot easier than you think! Make sure to download my free wardrobe planner at the end of this post so your outfits will also be perfect and structured every time.

Nail Your Outfit

Before you set off to take your killer pics, make sure you’re prepared. Your outfit looks hot in real life, but you want to be sure it looks great in a 2D image. Take a couple of test shots to make sure there are no weird bumps, lumps or weird VPL situations. Make sure you take extra accessories in your handbag too (no I’m not kidding) Looking effortlessly good, takes a lot of effort people..

Lighting is EVERYTHING

The first step to taking a killer outfit photo, is making sure you have great lighting. Natural daylight, with a slight overcast is typically more flattering and will reduce any shadows in your photo’s. Golden hour (just before the sun sets) is one of the most flattering times to shoot, your outfit will be bathed in a golden highlight, sounds dreamy right? It is, and you should try it.

Framing & Location Scouting

Tagged location aside, your photo should scream “I’m living the dream life baby!” Opt for lots of texture  to add some excitement to the image. People want to get excited by your images, so you want to take all aspects into consideration. Keep an eye out for cool storefronts, funky little buildings and even cute little houses.

Escape the crowds.

You really don’t want a number of people clogging up the background of your images. It just doesn’t have the same effect, so if you can, avoid crowds so that your followers can just focus on you, your outfit and the perfect setting behind you to compliment the entire image. You’re likely to be more confident in front of the camera when there are fewer people around, and that will shine through in your images.

Edit your pictures in the same way.

Part of having awesome images is making sure they work well together. Find your editing style and use that through every one of your images to make sure they work well together. There are two ways to tell if the image works for you, when it’s displayed through the main feed  and when it’s presented in your Instagram gallery. If it passes both tests, it’s good to go!

Let your personality shine through.

People are following you because you take an awesome photo and wear some pretty sweet outfits right? Well, that’s part of it- they also want to relate to you. So part of having an awesome image is having an awesome caption to go along with it and allowing yourself to get a little silly in front of the camera. Let your personality shine through your image. You want your followers to say “Hell yes- not only is this girl stylish but she is the kind of girl I want to get a drink with- FOLLOWING!”

So now you know exactly what it takes to be a #OOTD superstar, it’s time for you to create some awesome content!

To help you get kick started you can download my free wardrobe planner to polish off the perfect looks for your images and I’ll also send you my full list of resources including the best editing apps and all of the best hashtags to gain your following!

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-Antoinette Goodfellow

Professional Fashion Stylist and Pretty Image Taker

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