11/09/2006 06:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Turns 18 Months: Does This Make Us Legal?

The Huffington Post turned a year-and-a-half old on Thursday (we're still at the age where we count half-birthdays). And what an amazing 18 months it's been, thanks to all of you in the HuffPost community, including our editors, our bloggers, our readers, our commenters, and, of course, all the newsmakers who keep providing a never-ending wellspring of material to blog about. (We're so glad to see them go, we won't even miss the juicy blog fodder provided by George Allen, Rick Santorum, Conrad Burns, Bill Frist, Donald Rumsfeld, Conrad Burns, J. D. Hayworth, and Kevin Federline, just to name a few.)

Celebrating half-birthdays has taken on added significance for me since not only HuffPost but my two daughters were born in May. So Christina turned 17-and-a-half on November 1st and Isabella turns 15-and-half next week, and will then be able to get her learner's permit, and hit the roads of Los Angeles as a trainee driver (People of LA: You've been warned! Isabella: Just kidding.)

Here on the site, we are planning to roll out a number of new and exciting features in the next few months that will make the HuffPost experience even more interactive and user-friendly.

Which brings me to the front page box where my posts appear. They say that in real estate it's all about three things: location, location, location. Well, as we move forward, I've decided to share this prime real estate with some of the other wonderful writers blogging for HuffPost. Nora Ephron, Melinda Henneberger, and Lawrence O'Donnell have agreed to make their unique voices and takes a regular part of the HuffPost mix, and will share the front page box with me and many of your other favorite HuffPosters. So sometimes you'll find me in the box, and sometime you'll find me in the Featured Posts lineup.

Thanks again for making this such an exciting and fulfilling 18 months. The best is most definitely yet to come -- both at HuffPost and, more important, in the country.