07/31/2015 08:53 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2015

Ice T's Voiceovers Make Your Favorite Cartoons Even Better

How did we miss these the first time around?

We know Ice T is going to be a father once again, but it might surprise you to not know he's already a Papa ... Smurf that is.

The rapper dropped by "The Tonight Show" on Thursday and again revealed he has secretly been the voice of some of your favorite cartoon characters. It's shocking to some, but if you listen real closely, like when the Smurfs say stuff like,"I should just bitch smack yo ass," you can definitely tell it's him. Even better, he's still doing it today, and, as Jimmy Fallon finds out, the rapper is keeping it topical.

Get ready for some nostalgia! Or, you know, a completely destroyed childhood.

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