Idaho Republican Representative Says 'No One Dies' From Lack Of Health Care

After the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act in the House of Representatives, the Republicans will have to face massively angry constituents and town halls.

Idaho Representative Raul Labrador
Idaho Representative Raul Labrador

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) made the claim that “no one dies” from a lack of health care, regardless of the facts of not only that people die from lack of health care, but how a staggering number die as a result of lack of healthcare.

Let’s look at the facts. According to a Cambridge Health Alliance and Harvard Medical School Study found that not only is there a 40 percent increased chance of death without insurance, but also that 45,000 people had died in the 2009 alone.

The repeal and replace that the GOP has passed through the house it would surely lead to increased deaths, as it would lead to the loss of healthcare insurance for many Americans as a result of the repeal of the Individual mandate. Additionally, the GOP did not even allow the CBO to give their bill a score, and rather forced it down the throat of the American people without hearing the non-partisan analysis of the Congressional Budge Office.

It is not that hard to think of this logically and conceptually. If you get sick, let’s say you get cancer or lupus, but you can’t afford health care because the insurance companies find it far too expensive for them to do their procedure on you, how will you continue to live? When you are diagnosed with anything even remotely significant, your life is in danger, and many people die because of it.

The constituents had gotten very angry during the Idaho congressman’s town hall for making such an absurdly silly comment.