10/01/2015 08:53 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2015

Instagram Account Documents The Varied And Vibrant Dancers Of NYC

James Jin wants to photograph dancers in every New York City subway station there is.

Why walk to the subway -- shoulders hunched, eyes glued to your iPhone, elbows ready to shove -- when you can leap, prance, sashay your way to the 163rd street C train? Well, probably because you can't. And I can't either, but the talented rays of dancing sunshine below most certainly can. And they do! 

If you're looking for a quick morning smile, or a surge of envy at how damn happy some New York City commuters are so early in the morning, look no further than Dancers of NY. The photo project and Instagram account, run by James Jin, spotlights the vibrant community of dancers who call NYC home.

For each of his images, Jin uses a subway station as his backdrop, aiming to capture a dancer in action at every station the city has to offer. Many images are coupled with quotes explaining the challenges and rewards of a dancer's life. The resulting spread is pretty inspirational, especially for those of us who will fight a pregnant lady for a seat on the train. Maybe the images below will inspire you to spruce up your time waiting on the platform by standing in fifth position. Maybe not. The choice is yours! 

"I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna do me." @xo_chellybelly21 is on @dancersofny. Check out her post on

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Here are three generations of dancers in one place. Check out the full article on the website!

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