Interior Designer Schools on Home Decor: Danny Taylor Shares His Aesthetic and Inspirations

07/21/2016 05:07 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2016
Danny Taylor, Interior Designer & Realtor
Source: Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor, Interior Designer & Realtor

Renown interior designer and real estate agent Danny Taylor took some time out of his assiduous schedule to divulge on what triggered his career path, his personal home decor, and what inspires him.

When thinking about what sparked his passion for interior design, Taylor flashbacks to how his mother arranged the living room of their first home.

“It was the early sixties and we had celedon green wool carpet over hardwoods, ivory sofa and chairs, one document print linen chair (the only real color), ivory drapes an cornices, wonderful dark wood case goods, and a huge glided mirror over the mantel,” said the infamous interior designer. “I would just sit there and think it was perfection!”

With his mom’s influence and years of experience, Taylor defines his aesthetic as vintage with a pop.

“I like to think of my style as classic old school decorating with an occasional surprise,” said the North Carolina native. “It may be something as small as a pair of shocking pillows or a really outrageous piece of art.”

Putting his personal style aside, Taylor emphasized the importance of building from the foundation when it comes to interior design.

“For me, it all comes back to scale, proportion, balance...the bones,” said the home decor expert. “Once the bones are in, you can be a bit playful or be really quiet. There is great strength in quiet, so it takes a very confident client.”

Although Taylor describes his overall style as classic old school with a shock factor, the interior designer and realtor is currently inspired by “pretty.”

“I am craving pretty! I told more than one sales rep lately that if they show me one more piece of gray anything, embroider linen, or a basic velvet program I am going to scream,” he said. “Show me lovely document prints on glazed linens and cottons, lovely silk checks and stripes, great ‘go withs’...this is what is inspiring me today.”

Besides interior design and collecting chinoiserie, the imitation of Chinese motifs and techniques, Taylor adores nature, animals, good food, shopping, and learning.

“I do love to piddle in the garden, my dogs are my lifeline, I love a great restaurant, a good auction, and history,” he said. “Bringing history into this century in such a way that one can live with it and in it daily.”

Speaking of history, Taylor presently has “Order of First Families of North Carolina Ancestor Biographies Vol. 1: The First Two Hundred” by John A. Brayton on his night table. In addition to historical writing, the interior designer and realtor fancies spiritual literature with “Answered Prayers” by Truman Capote and “The Book of Common Prayer” also on his nightstand.

Due to his passion for knowledge, Taylor believes he would’ve had a career focusing on history and literature if he didn’t become a interior designer and realtor.

“I would have likely become a curator in a museum or perhaps a writer always involving beautiful things and their creation and proper display,” he said.

Taylor has worked with a lot of notable people, but his ideal clients would be those who don’t have the luxury of having a place they can call home.

“If I could design a home for anyone it would be for someone who had never experienced the feeling of peace, security, and even joy of having their own space,” he said. “For me home is so important in our lives. It gives us a place to nest...a cocoon to escape the world even if for a moment.”

Taylor stressed that, to him, giving back is of more value than the status of his clients.

“I am not a star struck type,” he said. “For me it is more about being a good steward of the skills and talents I have been blessed with and paying it forward.”

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