12/21/2016 04:52 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2017

7 Doodles That Explain Why Introverts Act The Way They Do

"We're not antisocial, we're differently social."

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Introverts interact with the world differently.

While extroverts get an energy boost from chatting with friends at a party, for example, the same experience drains an introvert’s internal battery and makes him feel like he needs a rest.

If you’re an introvert yourself, it can be difficult to feel like these tendencies are understood. Not to worry; illustrator Debbie Tung of Where’s My Bubble? breaks down your M.O. in these delightfully simple doodles:

  • 1
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 2
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 3
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 4
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 5
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 6
    Wheres My Bubble
  • 7
    Wheres My Bubble