04/17/2006 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

I've Been Asked to Undress

Several of the Huffington Post readers have asked me to take my clothes off and show some naughty pictures, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Normally only a fool would accept such a challenge, however, what my readers may not be aware of is that I supported myself through medical schools as a model.

So for all the ladies out there who have been asking me to undress, here are the pictures, straight from my model book, shot by photographers from Italy, Germany, Sweden and the U.S.






For those of you more interested in my message then in my body, here are more recent images from my press conference in U.S. Congress in support of legalized drug importation to increase access to drugs. You can read my testimony to the U.S. Senate here.









I am also dedicating these images to Ethan M. Posner, Jacqueline C. Wolff and Rebecca Rohr. They are opposing counsel in my qui tam case and their uninhibited imagination and flair for fiction writing have resulted in some of the most breathtaking letters and legal briefs I've ever read.

I also admire their bold defiance of their largest corporate client--Pfizer. All three have been actively supporting democratic candidates; two of them even gave money to John Kerry's presidential election campaign in daring insubordination of their important corporate client. (Federal campaign contributions here for Ethan, Jacqueline, Rebecca)

This is especially noteworthy, considering that Pfizer is a company which uses its employees as political pawns and literally twists their little arms to make them pay to the right party. When I refused to pony up $2,000 in September 2003, to attend a fundraising dinner for President Bush, organized by Pfizer's CEO Dr. McKinnell I received the following "reminder" on my Pfizer voice mail, making it abundantly clear that the company kept track of who paid and who didn't: "Hi Mr. Rost my name is Olivia and I am calling on behalf of Dr. McKinnell to see if you will be attending the reception this Thursday in New York City with Governor Pataki and Dr. McKinnell for the Bush campaign. Please give me a call at 212 616 5400 to let me know. And my name is Olivia."

Did I sense some pressure or what? Few other executives interested in their future with Pfizer could probably resist this gentle reminder from their CEO. So, of course I'm very proud of Ethan, Jacqueline and Rebecca. Oops, did I just "out" opposing Pfizer counsel as Democrats? Oh well, I'm sure Pfizer will forgive them. After all, without Ethan and Jacqueline I may never have been provoked to be the first Pfizer Vice President to "out" myself and speak out in favor of lower priced drugs and better access to drugs . . . a theme which is sadly so contrary to everything our caring pharmaceutical industry stands for.