09/28/2015 12:34 pm ET

Antonio Cromartie Shuts Down Coach's Son For Making Fun Of Him On Twitter

Never a good idea to make fun of an NFL player if you're the coach's son.

Publicly trash-talking people that your father works with is never a smart idea. But it's an especially bad decision when those individuals are professional football players -- a lesson that the son of New York Jets tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson learned the hard way on Sunday.

After the team's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, an account tweeted pictures from inside the Jets' locker room along with a few choice words for two Jets players. Yahoo Sports captured the screen shots to the tweets that ended up being from the Johnson's son's Twitter account.

Johnson's son first came at quarterback Geno Smith.

Yahoo Sports

Then he went after defensive back Antonio Cromartie, joking about the number of kids he has. But when Cromartie got word of the trash-talk, he immediately shut down the son on Twitter.

Yahoo Sports

Johnson's son changed his Twitter handle and then said he would issue an apology to the two players if he had the opportunity.

Yahoo Sports

This might make things awkward during the Jets' next practice.

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