01/22/2016 06:01 am ET

The Coolest And Most Clever Ways To Get Your Jewelry In Order

Cheese grater = Earring holder! #Genius

As much as we love a great piece of jewelry, sometimes our adoration isn't reflected in the way we store our beloved bling. One look into our jewelry boxes, dresser counters or vanities and we're confronted with a sad, albeit sparkly, mess. 

The piles of tangled necklace chains, earrings that have lost their mates, banged up bangles -- and let's not forget the jewelry graveyard located behind your dresser -- have gotten totally out of hand. 

Thankfully there are tons of clever folks out there on Pinterest (obviously) who are treasure troves for clever hacks and DIY projects that'll not only get us organized but will also add some pizazz to our decor. 

Who knew a cheese grater was the perfect earring holder? Or that a tree branch was the perfect necklace display? We didn't -- but now we do and we're loving it! 

Check out even more jewelry organizing gems in the list below. 


  • 1 With tiny decorative dishes
  • 2 With an old muffin pan
  • 3 With a cheese grater
  • 4 With an old dresser drawer
  • 5 With tree twigs and a glass bottle
  • 6 With a cookie tray
  • 7 With an egg cradle
  • 8 With an old chocolate box
  • 9 With a candle holder and tall vase
  • 10 With a clothing hanger fastened with metal hooks
  • 11 With a tree branch
  • 12 With a radiator grate
  • 13 With an accordion coat hook
  • 14 With glass cloches
  • 15 With a strip of ribbon
  • 16 With an antler wallhanging
  • 17 With wood blocks fastened with metal hooks



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