Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Newtown School Shooting In Opening Monologue, Holds Back Tears (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel reacted to last week's tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in much of the same way as Conan O'Brien, only the former had a harder time controlling his emotions.

Kimmel began his opening monologue with a heartfelt message to the victims' families and community who have been shattered by the horrific event and explained the awkwardness that goes with being a comedian during a tragedy:

"It feels weird to do a show with so much sadness, but sometimes that's what needs to happen," Kimmel said, tearing up a little as he spoke.

After assuring those affected that they were in his thoughts, Kimmel also praised President Obama's speech at a vigil in Newtown, saying he said what needed to be said and spoke beautifully. Then, he did the next logical thing and showed a video of some Christmas lights that totally look like a penis (a surefire way to lighten the mood).

Watch the clip above.



Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting