06/28/2016 11:52 am ET

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Wedding Photo Proves She's Truly Ageless

Elaine would totally approve.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted the sweetest throwback photo to celebrate her wedding anniversary ... and we can't help but notice the actress hasn't aged one bit.

Over the weekend, the "Veep" actress posted this photo of her wedding to Brad Hall on June 25, 1987, after the pair met at Northwestern University. 

29 years ago today. A good choice. #remain

A photo posted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@officialjld) on

"29 years ago today. A good choice," Louis-Dreyfus sweetly reminisced. 

But other than the big, poufy sleeves on her dress (Elaine Benes would totally love this), we'd never have guessed this photo was taken nearly three decades ago.

Louis-Dreyfus somehow manages to look exactly the same today at 55.

She swears she hates the word "anti-aging," preferring to call it "pro-aging," and says she doubts she'll ever have plastic surgery because her husband wouldn't go for it.

“I like that he likes me as I am — that’s important to me,” she said in a 2013 interview with Health Magazine.

And who can blame him? Lookin' good, JLD.



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