'Justified': Arlo's Death Seems To Have Little Impact On Raylan Givens (VIDEO)

"Justified" closed the door one one of its most compelling supporting characters in an episode filled with plenty of bodies dropping. But this death happened off screen. In fact, viewers wouldn't have even known that Arlo died had Raylan not casually mentioned it in the office.

Raylan's father was attacked in prison and wound up in the prison infirmary. There, Raylan visited him in hopes of finally getting some answers. Perhaps even some closure.

"Just ... give me something. Who’s Drew Thompson?” he asked his father. "Alright, Arlo. This is your last, last chance."

Arlo had Raylan lean in close and whispered, "Kiss my ass." And those were his final words to his son. Defiant to the end.

HitFix thought it was a "disservice" to the show to kill off Arlo, as they felt the father/son dynamic added something extra to each episode. But ScreenCrush was more optimistic, saying that his death opens a new chapter for "Justified." It'll be interesting, they wrote, to see how Raylan moves forward after his father's death.

So much of who Raylan became as a man was defined by who his father was. The aftermath of Arlo's death begins next on "Justified," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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