Watch Justin Timberlake Literally Do The Robot In 'Filthy' Music Video

Power off.

Does Justin Timberlake dream of electric sheep? 

Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, has promised that his forthcoming album “Man of the Woods” will feel like “the Wild West, but now.” But the first single, “Filthy,” which was released on Friday with a music video, is actually all about the future. 

In the video, Timberlake channels a Steve Jobs-like character at a “Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference” in the year 2028. But the main attraction is a robot he’s created that mirrors his every movement, leading to ― what else would you expect? ― a dance-off complete with scantily clad backup dancers. 

“I said, put your filthy hands all over me / And no, this ain’t the clean version,” he sings on the chorus. “And what you gonna do with all that meat? / Cookin’ up a mean serving.”

Produced by Timbaland, Danja and Timberlake himself, the single couldn’t be further from the “earthy” and “personal” vibe he teased (and infuriated) fans with this week. “Filthy” feels more akin to the former boy bander’s previous “20/20 Experience” era, with a slick beat and futuristic production. 

On Instagram, Timberlake requested that the song be “played very loud,” so do with that what you will. 



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