08/30/2015 09:57 pm ET

Kanye West Just Floppy-Danced Like Nobody Was Watching At The VMAs

The best moment of the VMAs so far wasn't even televised.

If you were just watching the televised stream of the VMAs, you unfortunately missed Kanye West dancing like a monster to The Weeknd's performance.

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Reddit user gif_to_gyf noticed this amazing moment from the crowd cam that is sure to become just as iconic as Miley Cyrus' and that other, less iconic person's twerking moment from two years ago.

Taylor Swift and her crew also endorsed The Weeknd, with Swift repeatedly pointing at the stage and dancing with her slightly less famous friends.

Miley Cyrus also showed her love for The Weeknd's performance, saying "That s**t's f**ing crazy," accompanied by bleeps on the broadcast.

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